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The 2016 MacBook Pro replaces standard function keys with the new Touch Bar. Apple.Com/Mac

Apple’s new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar has an interesting new feature: it can be played as a piano. A new app has apparently been developed to allow the Touch Bar to bring out musical notes just like an actual musical instrument. But even those who are using old MacBooks can still try out the piano app.

Graham Parks developed the new MacBook Touch Bar Piano app. The app integrates virtual keys across the interactive Touch Bar, which users can tap on and play with. The piano is entirely polyphonic and has options of 128 different instruments including electric piano, violin and xylophone.

According to 9To5Mac, the Touch Bar Piano may be using the GarageBand app’s music archive to produce its sounds. Adjusting the octave and the black keys’ touch targets is made possible by dragging an onscreen slider.

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Mac users can now have fun with the Touch Bar, which is primarily used as an editing tool. The Touch Bar Piano may be a bit small for some users to tap on, but it’s still a good way to kill time. It’s also a fun way to enjoy break from work.

The Touch Bar Piano app is free to download and use. Mac users who don’t have the Touch Bar model can still try out the piano app by using Touché, the Touch Bar emulator that allows old Macs to experience the functional benefits of the new MacBook Pro’s OLED touchscreen panel.

Touché is also free to download and it’s easy to install. It can be launched and turned off without difficulty just like any regular app. The Touché app was created by Daniel Jalkut, founder of Red Sweater Software and a former software engineer at Apple. Touché requires the latest macOS Sierra version 10.12 with build 16B2657 in order to work. Mac users can upgrade to the required version at the official Apple support page.

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Credit: Graham Parks