Microsoft Surface
Panos Panay, Corporate Vice President for Surface Computing demonstrates the new Microsoft Surface Studio computer at a live event in the Manhattan borough of New York City, U.S.,October 26, 2016. Reuters/Lucas Jackson

Microsoft updated its Surface Book i7 and it packs a powerful punch with its top specs and features. Even though the gadget has been praised by many, fans still expected Microsoft to release the Surface Book 2 during the October event. The 2-in-1 hybrid laptop is now reportedly scheduled to be released in 2017.

However, Microsoft is yet to announce the Surface Book 2 officially. Some believe that the company is already working on the anticipated device. If that is really the case, Microsoft must ensure that their device is not plagued with issues as was the case with the Surface Book. Many are of the opinion that the upcoming device will go directly into competition with the Apple MacBook Pro 2016.

Among all the highly-anticipated features in the Microsoft Surface Book 2, Intel’s Kaby Lake processor is definitely expected. The delayed release of the notebook suggests that Microsoft wants these awesome chips in its computer. The Apple MacBook Pro is still using the Skylake chipset and that is where Microsoft could capitalise on, writes The Bitbag.

The Intel Kaby Lake processors are 14 nanometre chips offering Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1 Type-C support. As default configuration, they feature up to four cores and provide incredible CPU/GPU performance. If Microsoft Surface Book 2 is really looking to surpass Apple MacBook Pro, it should upgrade its display.

Even though the Surface Book 2 may come with the same 13.5-inch screen, it may come with a higher resolution such as 4K. As Kaby Lake chipsets support better graphics architecture, it will improve playback of 3D graphics and 4K video. Microsoft must also pay attention to the detachable mechanism of the device.

Many fans were not happy with the Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge in the Surface Book 2 and now want the functional detachable key in the device. As Microsoft has just upgraded the Surface Book i7 device, the Surface Book 2 does not seem to be coming out anytime soon.

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