Microsoft Surface
A woman listens to a store employee talk about the Microsoft Surface during the grand opening of a flagship Microsoft Corp. retail store in New York, October 26, 2015. Reuters/Lucas Jackson

Apple and Microsoft have just updated their high-in-demand laptops, the Apple MacBook Pro and Microsoft Surface Book. Both the companies have included latest technologies and innovations in their devices so as to compete with each other successfully. As both laptops are favourites for the tech-savvy customers, it might be tough to choose between the two.

The Microsoft Surface Book has been updated with some top-class features whereas the Apple MacBook Pro now has the crystal-clear Retina Display. In fact, the Apple MacBook Pro has received a major design upgrade after four years.

This has created a lot of hype among fans. Apart from the high-res Retina Display, the laptop is now much thinner and lighter when compared to Apple MacBook Air. Among the top features included in the Microsoft Surface Book, fans are really upbeat about the Surface Pen Stylus, touchscreen display and a lot of processing power.

However, fans have been mesmerised by the Microsoft Surface Book’s detachable screen that transforms the portable laptop into a portable tablet. In terms of operating system, the Apple MacBook Pro runs on the latest version of MacOS Sierra. Sierra provides an amazing user experience with seamless running of Siri, iMessage, iCloud among others.

The Microsoft Surface Book runs on Windows 10 and users can also use the Microsoft Cortana virtual assistant for regular activities. The Surface Book can be purchased from Microsoft Store Australia for $2,299 inclusive of GST. It would include the basic 128GB storage, 8GB RAM and Core Intel i5 processor.

On the other hand, the basic 128GB storage, 2.7GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB RAM, 13-inch model costs $1,999, as per Apple Australia.

Thus, for the experimenting buyer who can shell out some extra dollars, may go for the Microsoft Surface Book. Hardcore Apple fans would love to get their hands on the MacBook Pro as they have been waiting for upgrades for a long time. Moreover, its basic model is less expensive than the Surface Book.