iPhone 8 might have new radical design changes, battery improvements, and a new biometric feature
iPhone 8 might have new radical design changes, battery improvements and a new biometric feature Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

Apple’s arch enemy Samsung could be developing iPhone 8 2017’s stunning curved display. Moreover, latest reports suggest that the flagship could come with an amazing bendy plastic display rather than glass. The OLED display will have highly improved picture quality and will also be lighter and thinner than conventional screens.

According to News.com.au, Korea Herald published a report on the plastic display after reportedly gaining information from inside sources within Apple’s Far East supply chain. Such a screen in Apple iPhone 8 will change the way people interact with their devices. The curved screen will reportedly feature sensors that will allow the phone to respond when a user touches any side of the device.

In case this information turns out to be true then it would prove earlier rumours of OLED Display in more expensive models of iPhone 8 wrong. As per MacRumors, numerous had earlier claimed that Apple would be coming up with a 5.5-inch premium version of the 2017 iPhone with OLED Display along with other models with the conventional LCD displays. However, the new report by the Korean newspaper says otherwise.

Apple could be using a curved screen, similar to that in the Samsung Galaxy S7, which many tech experts believe is the best smartphone display in the market today.

“The OLED version of the new iPhone will all be curved as Apple ordered all plastic OLED -- not glass -- from Samsung Display. Samsung is capable of supplying a little less than 100 million units of curved OLED displays to Apple,” said the Korean report.

However, there may be supply shortages as 100 million units may not be enough. It’s less than half of Apple’s annual sales of the iPhone series. It sells 200 million units a year. Moreover, the Apple iPhone 8 may not be foldable as many believe. Other reports suggest that the iPhone 8 2017 will have wireless charging enabled, embedded Touch ID fingerprint sensor, edge-to-edge bezel-less display and no physical Home button.