Apple CEO Tim Cook Speaks About The Apple Watch
Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks about the Apple Watch during an Apple event at the Flint Center in Cupertino, California, September 9, 2014. Reuters/Stephen Lam

Rumours are making rounds that Apple would release the second-generation of the Apple Watch in the next three months. Fans are expecting that Apple would implement their wishes in Apple watch 2.

Apple watch was launched in April 2015, and the device had fitness tracking feature that was one of the key selling points. The feature had the three-tier activity system, which can measure the general physical movement of the body.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple may organize a big event in March 2016. The event is expected to witness the launch of Apple watch 2 and iPhone 6C along with iPad Air 3.

With a year of wearing the first generation Apple Watch on their wrist, Watch fans are expecting to have a lengthy list of features that they want to see added.

Fans expect that the new Apple Watch will have a better battery life and front facing FaceTime camera. They are also expecting that the device will have the same square-shaped design that the current version of Apple Watch has.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, hinted while speaking to Telegraph that the new version of the device will have “something adjacent to the Watch”.

Recently, 9to5Mac conducted a poll of more than 12,000 Apple fans. It was found that Apple fans are expecting new features like better health sensors, sleep tracking and smart straps with health-monitoring features.

Some other features such as a waterproof rating (which would allow the users to take it swimming), a long battery life and inbuilt GPS systems are expected to be included in the new version of the smartwatch.

Although Apple has refused to reveal the detailed sales figures for the Apple Watch, IDC claims that Apple has reached number two spot in the wearables market in its first attempt.

IDC claims that with the sales figures Apple will be a dominant player in the smartwatch category for the next four years. Moreover, the company has already shipped more smartwatches than the rest of the market combined.

According to, Argus Insights CEO and Analyst John Feland claims that Apple may announce a monthly financing scheme to boost the sales, similar to the iPhone 6S and 6S plus scheme that was launched in the US last year. Feland expects the price of the next generation device to be cheaper.

“Longer battery life will also be a key feature especially as consumers look for an expansion of HealthKit capabilities like sleep analytics, a killer app on other wearables when it works. Given the popularity of round Android Wear watch faces, Apple may bow to consumer pressure and move to a round display but unlikely for this next generation,” Feland said.