Apple Watch users can operate it using their noses when their hands are full

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Jeff Williams Apple's senior vice president of Operations, speaks about the Hermes watchband for the Apple Watch, during an Apple media event in San Francisco, California, September 9, 2015. Reuters/Beck Diefenbach

When an Apple watch rings, some users are unable to pick up the call as their hands are full. The enterprising owners have found a solution for this problem.

Users can already answer a call by using their noses if their hands are full. Some have discovered that they can use their nose to get as well as reject a call when they are occupied by something.

Wristly conducted a research on 1,000 Apple watch users and found that almost half of the users have operated their watch with their noses. “I use it to dismiss timers a lot, but I also find it useful for dealing with some notifications and (rarely) answering a call if my hands are wet/dirty/gloved,” a Reddit user said.

Other users have admitted that they used the nose trick while using the bathroom and when chopping meat. Wil Forrest, burrito restaurant manager, told Wall Street Journal that he had used his nose on the watch while chopping meat.

Some users meanwhile claim that their watch does not detect their noses when pressed on the screen.

Wristly, which claims itself as 'the independent voice of Apple Watch,' said that 46 percent of Apple watch users have used their noses to control them, while 28 percent of the users said they would consider the idea of using their noses to operate in the future.

However, the other 26 percent said they had not and would not use the technique.

Bernaud Desarnauts, the owner of Wristly, even conceded that he had used his nose to tap on the watch to receive a call. He used this technique during a shower. Furthermore, he also used the technique to send the call to voice mail. “My nose was dry and I was surprised that it worked. I was almost expecting that it wouldn't,” Desarnaut told the Wall Street Journal.

The first generation Apple Watch was launched in October this year with a price tag of US$549 (AU$799).

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