Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were know for their on-screen chemistry in the 2005 movie, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” but the same cannot be said about their latest film, “By the Sea,” which has failed to leave a remarkable impression on the critics.

“By the Sea” sees Jolie and Pitt coming together on big screen after almost a decade and there were a lot of expectations from their movie. However, various critics have just slammed the Jolie-directed film for many reason. The Hollywood Reporter has called it “the kind of vanity project you don’t see much of anymore.” Jolie has not only acted in the film but she also wrote the script and produced it.

“With such flat-lining and repetitive scenes dominating, two hours is far too long to make an audience wait for a payoff that is hardly about to save the film from its own stasis and dramatic flatness,” added the website.

Meanwhile, The Guardian has given the film three stars and said the film makers have even included a “torrid sex scene” between Jolie and Pitt to engage the audience; but it did not help. “Essentially 'By the Sea' is Jolie Pitt’s attempt at a European art movie; those expecting a retread of their last outing together, Mr and Mrs Smith, will be sorely disappointed,” stated the website.

The Wrap has also made fun of Jolie's flawless make-up in the film saying she was playing the role of a woman who had lost interest interest in everything but still managed to look glamorous. The critic points out that in one scene, Jolie “showers before bed and still manages to wake up with a smoky eye.”

“It’s hard enough watching these two talented actors play blanks who have no chemistry with each other, but the effort seems especially pointless when we learn the root of their problems,” added the website.

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