Andy Serkis, second unit director of the movie, poses at the premiere of "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies"
Andy Serkis, second unit director of the movie, poses at the premiere of "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" at Dolby theatre in Hollywood, California December 9, 2014. The movie opens in the U.S. on December 17. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

The second trailer for "Avengers: Age of Ultron" was released on Monday, Jan. 12, offering another action-packed preview at the much-anticipated sequel. Furthermore, it showed another quick glimpse of Andy Serkis, whose role in the movie remains unknown. However, according to a report, the actor is likely to play the rumoured villain character Ulysses Klaw.

According to, speculations of the actor's role as Ulysses Klaw seem "very solid." "He's connected to many characters in the Avengers universe and to the stories that Marvel wants to tell in the movies (which is why the Klaw rumors appear to be solid)," writer Alex-Abad Santos said.

Likewise, a screen grab from the actor's scene from the trailer, shared on the site, shows a bearded Andy Serkis aiming a gun at someone. The actor's look shows a surprising similarity with the villain's appearance in the comics. From the photo shared by Vox, the character is also sporting a similar haircut and the same bushy beard.

Furthermore, the villain's presence in "Avengers: Age of Ultron" is reportedly linked through the metal called vibranium. In the Marvel Universe, Ulysses Klaw is particularly interested in acquiring the mythical alloy. It's believed to be especially rich in Wakanda, the homeland of Black Panther. According to Vox, the latter could be introduced prior to his 2017 standalone movie through Ulysses' involvement in "Avengers 2."

The other vibranium connection allegedly teasing Andy Serkis' role as Ulysses Klaw is Ultron. Tony Stark will reportedly create the A.I. out of the strong metal. Even "Thor" actor Chris Hemsworth also teased during an interview that Ultron will be made of the mythical alloy. As per Screenrant, the actor revealed during the Comic-Con 2014 that Ultron could be made of the "really thick metal."

"He could be made of vibramian, vibrainian - is that what it's called? 'VIBRANIUM,' That's it," he said.

Still, Andy Serkis' role in "Avengers: Age of Ultron" remains a mystery. The actor himself has been mum about his involvement in the sequel. However, the actor did have an important role in the making of the movie, although it's not in portraying the character of Ulysses Klaw. Andy Serkis revealed in an interview with Empire that his motion capture company called The Imaginarium helped in determining Ultron's movements. Whether he was "gonna be human-like or robot-like" in "Avengers: Age of Ultron" was determined by a "bunch of different people from body-popping experts to dancers" to a nearly eight feet tall guy named Neil.

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