American Horror Story
"American Horror Story' season 7 teaser posted on November 17, 2016. Instagram/ahsfx

The upcoming “American Horror Story” Season 7 has given their fans very little details as to what the next storyline of this famous season would bring. But according to the show’s producer, the concept will revolve around a very recent event.

Producer Ryan Murphy has been very diverse in choosing a theme for the series since the first season was broadcasted. Fans enjoy how unexpected each season of “American Horror Story” can be. Viewers also look forward to how the actors and actresses of the show can transcend from on totally different character onto another with each season.

According on a sit down interview with E!, Murphy has divulged some juicy details as to what fans can expect on “American Horror Story” season 7. This time around, it looks like the series is taking a shot on a political storyline.

He also revealed who will play the lead roles for the seventh season of the show. Actor Evan Peters and actress Sarah Paulson will once again take the main character roles for the upcoming season.

Both Peters and Paulson have been actively present since the first season of the show. Both of them have played exceptionally well with each character that they have portrayed. Peters has been known for portraying the characters Tate Langdon ("Murder House"), Kit Walker ("Asylum"), Kyle Spencer ("Coven"), Jimmy Darling ("Freak Show"), James Patrick March ("Hotel") and Rory Monahan ("Roanoke") from season one to six respectively. Similarly, Paulson has given justice to her characters Billie Dean Howard "Murder House"), Lana Winters ("Asylum"), Cordelia Foxx ("Coven"), Bette and Dot Tattler ("Freak Show"), Sally McKenna ("Hotel") and Audrey Tindall ("Roanoke").

But apart from knowing that they will be included in the next season, this was all that Peters and Paulson knew. Murphy also said that these two actors do not know who they will be playing. All that was given away was that the plot of the season will be a modern type of story.

During his interview, Murphy stated the the next season will be very scary and at the same time very topical. He added that “anybody who voted in the last election will very much enjoy what it’s about.”

Murphy also stressed out that “American Horror Story” season seven will be about the current election that the United States of America has just recently undergone. When asked if there will be a “Trump” character in this season, he only answered that there is a possibility.