Ian McShane
Cast member Ian McShane (L) and wife Gwen Humble pose at the Los Angeles premiere of "Hercules" in Hollywood, California July 23, 2014. McShane is one of the lead stars of the TV series "American Gods." Reuters/Danny Moloshok

"American Gods" starring Ian McShane as Mr Wednesday, Ricky Whittle as Shadow Moon and Crispin Glover as Mr World, will have a new episode titled "The Secret of Spoons." It will show Mr Wednesday starting his recruitment for the battle ahead. Read on to learn more about it.

Spoiler alert: This update contains more 'American Gods' spoilers. Read on only if you want to know what will happen next in the Starz TV series.

According to Zap2it, "American Gods" Season 1, episode 2 will show Shadow Moon travelling with Mr Wednesday to Chicago. They will start recruiting for the upcoming battle. They will also meet up with Czernobog (Peter Stormare), a Slavic deity. "The Secret of Spoons" will air in the US on Sunday, May 7 on Starz.

According to Godchecker.com, Czernobog's name, which is also spelled as Chernobog, means "Black God." The character is a Slavic god of evil and darkness. He only appears at night and is usually dressed in black.

"Czernobog is reluctant to join the coming war, wary of Wednesday’s motivations," Fremantle Media reports.

'The Secret of Spoons' guest stars

According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), the following stars will appear in this episode: Gillian Anderson (Media), Orlando Jones (Mr. Nancy), Erika Kaar (Zorya Polunochnaya), Martha Kelly (Zorya Utrennyay), Cloris Leachman (Zorya Vechernyaya) and Mélanie St-Pierre. John Tench (Viking King), Michael Murray Scratch (ESPN Anchor), Conphidance (Okoye) and Vivien Endicott Douglas (Pizza Delivery Woman) will also be seen in "The Secret of Spoons."

Aside from these stars, watch out for the appearances of Don Mike (Slave), Lucan Andre Francis (Bilquis Conquest 5), Jane Smythe (Bilquis Conquest 1), Kris Babcock (Bilquis Conquest 2) and Pastel Supernova (Bilquis Conquest 4). The rest of the "American Gods" cast such as Yetide Badaki as Bilquis and Pablo Schreiber as Mad Sweeney will also be part of "The Secret of Spoons" episode.

'American Gods' episodes

The episode before "The Secret of Spoons" is "The Bone Orchard," which aired on April 30. It was directed by David Slade and written by Michael Green and Bryan Fuller. It showed a Viking horde arriving on a boat in 813 CE as well as the first meeting of Shadow Moon and Wednesday in an airplane. Scenes featuring Technical Boy and Mad Sweeney's first encounter with Shadow Moon were also shown.

"American Gods" airs in Australia on Amazon Prime Video every Monday at 5 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). The fantasy drama also airs in the US every Sunday at 9-10 pm on Starz. The next episode after "The Secret of Spoons" is "Head Full of Snow" and it will air on May 14.

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