Alison Brie
U.S. actress Alison Brie poses for photographers at the European premiere of the film "How to be Single" in London, Britain February 9, 2016. Reuters/Neil Hall

“Mad Men” actress Alison Brie has admitted she never wanted to get married. However, fiancé David Franco, who is undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s hottest stars, changed her mind.

“I never wanted to get married. I was just like, ‘Well that's not my path in life, because I'm choosing this crazy lifestyle,’” Brie recently told New York Post.

Then she fell in love with Franco and realised acting is fulfilling but not the only thing in life. The “How to Be Single” star never always saw wedding bells for future. Brie shared that she loves the fact that she and Franco laugh a lot together. She also accepts the fact that the two have a lot in common.

Brie and Franco got engaged in August 2015 after more than three years of dating. The “Now You See Me 2” actor, Franco, surprised Brie with a unique gold engagement ring. The ring had a rose-cut diamond and a diamond pave. It was designed by Southern California jewellery designer, Irene Neuwirth.

“You know how ‘there are no bad kissers,’ it's just all about compatibility? I feel the same way about a sense of humour,” Brie added.

However, Brie admitted that her work schedule is truly hectic. She recently completed James Franco directed “The Disaster Artist” and Gerard Butler starrer “The Headhunter’s Calling.” She is a co-executive producer of the TV Land show “Teachers” and is also in the British costume-drama miniseries “Doctor Thorne” by Julian Fellowes.

That’s not the end. Brie even performs with her band Alison Brie and the Girls. She does it for fun and the challenge.

“Singing really does scare me. But I like to do things that scare me. I’ll only get better at it if I do it, so let’s do it. Or, let’s have a couple drinks and then let’s do it,” she said.