Donald Trump
Donald Trump visits the Milwaukee County War Memorial Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, August 16, 2016. Reuters/Eric Thayer

Throughout the entire duration of his campaign, US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has made some very controversial claims. So much so that plenty of Hollywood artists have shared their disgust, while others, like actor Jon Voight, have publicly shown their support.

According to Express UK, Voight called Trump a “visionary” and a “character.” He went on to state how he understood Trump’s vision, particularly that the presidential candidate wants to ban Muslims from entering the US. “The concerns that we have now in terms of security -- we have to have those concerns,” he said. “Unfortunately we have to have them at this time.”

The 77-year-old also pointed out that Trump has had plenty of business success, and he is therefore accustomed to bringing large teams of people towards one goal.

Voight also believes that Trump is a moral and upright man. The “Mission: Impossible” actor made an example of Trump’s children saying that Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany and Barron proved that Trump was a “moral character... [and] a loving man.”

Voight's daughter, A-list actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie, however, has an opposite take on Trump. The UNHCR special envoy "closed her eyes and shook her head in disapproval" when asked in May what she thought about Trump's attitude toward people of Islamic faith.

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Meanwhile, Moore, in a post written for The Huffington Post, shared that Trump never really wanted the presidency. Instead, Moore claims that Trump merely wanted more bargaining power for his reality show series, “The Apprentice.”

“Trump was unhappy with his deal as host and star,” wrote Moore. “Simply put, he wanted more money.”

Apparently, Trump had thrown the idea of running from president, hoping that it would give him more leverage. However, Trump possibly knows more than anyone, that words do not mean anything without action. So he started his campaign.

Nevertheless, Trump’s strategy failed. NBC, the US network that originally aired his show, dropped him because of his initial comments. Other than that, the Trump-owned beauty pageant contests, Miss USA and Miss Universe, were also dropped by NBC.

But his popularity with the voting public grew, and “Trump fell in love with himself all over again, and he soon forgot his mission to get a good deal for a TV show.” And yet, the dawning of his likely presidency is finally taking its toll on Trump. Moore argues that Trump’s racial and sexist slurs have damaged his brand beyond compare, and that Trump does not want to be a loser. The presidential race, after all, was not one he intended to finish.

“He would rather invite the Clinton AND the Obamas to his next wedding than have that scarlet letter (“L”) branded on his forehead.”