Of Kings and Prophets
Executive producers participate in a panel discussion for the Disney ABC series "Of Kings and Prophets" during the Television Critics Association Winter press tour in Pasadena, California, January 9, 2016. Reuters/Alex Gallardo

ABC’s biblical series “Of Kings and Prophets” premiere date is fixed. It will air as a mid-season series on March 8, 2016. While “Game of Thrones” Season 6 spoilers have revealed that there will be a marked change in the show’s approach towards depicting sexual violence towards women, ABC’s upcoming biblical epic drama series “Of Kings and Prophets” promises plenty of sex and violence as the story from “1 and 2 Samuel” unfolds.

Chris Brancato and other “Of Kings and Prophets” producers repeatedly referenced “Game of Thrones” (GoT) when talking to reporters at the Television Critics Association’s press tour in Pasadena. The “Of Kings and Prophets” trailer (extended), shown at the press tour revealed graphic sex scenes generally unwelcome on broadcast television, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

“It’s suspenseful. It’s extraordinarily violent. It’s sexual... We’ve sought to make the show modern…This is a non-dragon version of Game of Thrones,” said Brancato.

When asked about the graphic sexuality portrayed, Brancato explained that although “Of Kings and Prophets” is violent and sex-drenched, none of the sex or violence displayed is gratuitous.

“There is no discussion about trying to add more sex or violence for the simple sake of doing so. We’re trying to tell the story that is in 1 and 2 Samuel, which has plenty of sex and violence on its own,” added Brancato.

In fact, Executive Producer Jason Reed said that some of the violence, depicted in the biblical text, had to be scaled back to meet broadcast standards. According to Entertainment Weekly, Brancato, when asked on the size of the “Of Kings and Prophets” crew, said it’s as big as “Game of Thrones.” Again, when the executive producer was asked on why the pilot was reworked, Brancato said even “Game of Thrones” tossed out its original pilot to start again, and we guess for much the same reason.

Just like “Game of Thrones,” this biblical series will surely be pushing the limits of how much is too much with respect to violence and sexuality. Now that ABC’s “Of Kings and Prophets” release date is fixed and “Game of Thrones” Season 6 release date is mid April, viewers will surely have excess of sex and gore.

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