Jane Badler
Actress Jane Badler as Dina in the Sci-Fi film "2047: Virtual Revolution." Jane Badler

“2047: Virtual Revolution” is film set in the future, where most of the population spend all their time online. Aussie actress Jane Badler plays a character named Dina in this film. In an exclusive interview with International Business Times Australia, she spoke about filming in Paris, and shared other insights about her character and the film.

International Business Times Australia: Can you please talk about your character in "2047 virtual Revolution"?

Jane Badler: My character is a strong ambitious highly intelligent career woman. She has put her personal life on hold to devote herself to the running of a big corporation that fights and infiltrates terrorist cells in a virtual world in order to keep her company profitable. She loves wealth and beautiful things. She is tough and sexual …. Her name is Dina

IB Times: You have played characters that are scary and erotic in the past. What can your fans expect to see in this film?

Badler: I think this is also of a similar genre. It is a futuristic tale that is a frightening glimpse of what could be. It is creative, sexy and a clever take on the addiction to online worlds. My character was fun to play but not that different from what fans would expect me to play ….

IB Times: What was it like working with Guy- Roger Duvert?

Badler: Guy Roger is a very talented filmmaker. He is a visionary who not only wrote a very clever script but came up with the moody tech visuals of the film. He is also a renowned composer. It was a pleasure to work with him. He was patient and knew exactly what he wanted. I would love to work with him again one day.

IB Times: The plot of "2047 Virtual Revolution" is set in Paris. Did you get to visit France for the film? What were the filming locations?

Badler: Yes! Happily I got to go to Paris to shoot the film which was wonderful. I adore Paris and have lots of friends there, so it was great to be there. We shot in an amazing old building that was massive with high ceilings and ornate floors. Paris has so many of these incredible old magnificent buildings. My role was shot in two days with one rehearsal day, so I didn’t need to be there very long … A lot of the film was shot in backstreets of Paris but my role was in one location behind a big Sci-Fi desk!

IB Times: You have a couple of projects that you are working on right now. Which film are you most excited about for your fans to see? Why?

Badler: In the last couple of years I have produced a few films. ‘Daisy Winters’ starring Brooke shields will be available on DVD and online in the US and Canada through Sony and hopefully all over the world at the same time. Also have a horror film called ‘Silver Falls’ that will hopefully be out soon. Last year I acted in a film called ‘Cult Girls’ that I’m also hoping will be available soon. I’m hoping to release an album this year of some great new synth-pop songs on the energise label in the UK. So all very exciting …