2015 Cricket World Cup Schedule

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2015 Cricket World Cup
Fireworks explode during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 opening event at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne, Victoria, February 12, 2015. REUTERS/Hamish Blair REUTERS/Hamish Blair

Australia and New Zealand are the hosts for the 11th edition of the tournament for the second time since 1992. Here is the complete guide for the 2015 Cricket World Cup schedule, which will take place in 14 different venues in Australia and New Zealand from Feb. 14 to March 29.


Feb. 14: Sri Lanka vs. New Zealand (Hagley Oval, Christchurch/11 a.m.)

Feb. 14: England vs. Australia (Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne/2:30 p.m)

Feb. 17: New Zealand vs. Scotland (University Oval, Dunedin/11 a.m.)

Feb. 18: Bangladesh vs. Afghanistan (Manuka Oval, Canberra/2:30 p.m.)

Feb. 20: England vs. New Zealand (Westpac Stadium, Wellington/2 p.m.)

Feb. 21: Australia vs. Bangladesh (The Gabba, Brisbane/1:30 p.m.)

Feb. 22: Sri Lanka vs. Afghanistan (University Oval, Dunedin/11 a.m.)

Feb. 23: England vs. Scotland (Hagley Oval, Christchurch/11 a.m.)

Feb. 26: Afghanistan vs. Scotland (University Oval, Dunedin/11 a.m.)

Feb. 26: Sri Lanka vs. Bangladesh (Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne/2:30 p.m.)

Feb. 28: Australia vs. New Zealand (Eden Park, Auckland/2 p.m.)

March 1: England vs. Sri Lanka (Westpac Stadium, Wellington/11 a.m.)

March 4: Australia vs. Afghanistan (WACA, Perth/2:30 p.m.)

March 5: Bangladesh vs. Scotland (Saxton Oval, Nelson/11 a.m.)

March 8: New Zealand vs. Afghanistan (McLean Park, Napier/11 a.m.)

March 8: Australia vs. Sri Lanka (Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney/2:30 p.m.)

March 9: England vs. Bangladesh (Adelaide Oval, Adelaide/2 p.m.)

March 11: Sri Lanka vs. Scotland (Bellerive Oval, Hobart/2:30 p.m.)

March 13: Bangladesh vs. New Zealand (Seddon Park, Hamilton/2 p.m.)

March 13: England vs. Afghanistan (Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney/2:30 p.m.)

March 14: Australia vs. Scotland (Bellerive Oval, Hobart/2:30 p.m.)


Feb. 15: South Africa vs. Zimbabwe (Seddon Park, Hamilton/2 p.m.)

Feb. 15: India vs. Pakistan (Adelaide Oval, Adelaide/2 p.m.)

Feb. 16: West Indies vs. Ireland (Saxton Oval, Nelson/11 a.m.)

Feb. 19: Zimbabwe vs. United Arab Emirates (Saxton Oval, Nelson/11 a.m.)

Feb. 21: Pakistan vs. West Indies (Hagley Oval, Christchurch/11 a.m.)

Feb. 22: South Africa vs. India (Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne/2:30 p.m.)

Feb. 24: West Indies vs. Zimbabwe (Manuka Oval, Canberra/2:30 p.m.)

Feb. 25: Ireland vs. United Arab Emirates (The Gabba, Brisbane/1:30 p.m.)

Feb. 27: South Africa vs. West Indies (Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney/2:30 p.m.)

Feb. 28: India vs. United Arab Emirates (WACA, Perth/2:30 p.m.)

March 1: Pakistan vs. Zimbabwe (The Gabba, Brisbane/1:30 p.m.)

March 3: South Africa vs. Ireland (Manuka Oval, Canberra/2:30 p.m.)

March 4: Pakistan vs. UAE (McLean Park, Napier/2 p.m.)

March 6: India vs. West Indies (WACA, Perth/2:30 p.m.)

March 7: South Africa vs. Pakistan (Eden Park, Auckland/2 p.m.)

March 7: Zimbabwe vs. Ireland (Bellerive Oval, Hobart/2:30 p.m.)

March 10: India vs. Ireland (Seddon Park, Hamilton/2 p.m.)

March 12: South Africa vs. United Arab Emirates (Westpac Stadium, Wellington/2 p.m.)

March 14: India vs. Zimbabwe (Eden Park, Auckland/2 p.m.)

March 15: West Indies vs. United Arab Emirates (McLean Park, Napier/11 a.m.)

March 15: Pakistan vs. Ireland (Adelaide Oval, Adelaide/2 p.m.)


March 18 to March 21 (Sydney Cricket Ground, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Adelaide Oval, Westpac Stadium)


March 24 to March 26 (Eden Park, Sydney Cricket Ground)

FINALS (Venue)

March 29 (Melbourne Cricket Ground)

Source: ICC-Cricket.com

The Guardian’s cricket correspondents Mike Selvey, Russell Jackson, Barney Ronay, Andy Bull, and Dileep Premachandran all seem to chant in unison that Australia has a good chance of winning the 2015 Cricket World Cup. Australia has played the most final matches since the inaugural tournament in 2010. Australia also boasts the most number of wins in the Cricket World Cup with four (1987, 1999, 2003, and 2007).

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