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Bellamy (Bob Morley) will lead the charge to head back home to earth in “The 100” season 5 episode 3. The episode is titled “Sleeping Giant,” and the preview and synopsis teases the plot to mainly focus on the Ark and the troubles Clarke (Eliza Taylor) will face.

A preview video of the next episode released online [see below] shows the people on the Ark making preparations to head back to earth. While some of them will try to use a shuttle to get back, at least one of them will have to stay back.

According to the synopsis, Bellamy will lead the charge in investigating a way to get back. The timing is important because Clarke will be in trouble because of the prisoners who have landed on earth, and they want to claim Eden as their own.

Clarke will be taken captive by the new comers, but she will be kept alive. The prisoners will prepare for an attack from Clarke’s friends, who will be on their way to save her. The preview video shows her being hit by her captors several times. According to the synopsis, Madi (Lola Flanery) will also face the difficulties along with Clarke.

The journey back to earth will not be an uneventful one. Bellamy and his team will face some challenges with what appears to be a navigation problem with the shuttle.

With the focus of the plot on the Ark and on earth, the bunker storyline may have to take a backseat. Things are also evolving quickly underground, with Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) emerging as the Red Queen. A new video released online [see below] shows Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg discussing the recent events with regards to this character.

The producer pointed out that Octavia wasn’t born to be a leader like some of the other characters, but the events in the previous episode forced her to step up and lead her people.

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