Xenia Deli dances in her lingerie in a new sexy ad for Love Magazine’s advent calendar. The video of the promotional shoot shows the model twerking and making seductive glances at the camera while Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean” plays in the background.

The Moldovan model is the newest face of Love Magazine’s digital advent calendar. Deli appears in the video below dressed in a pair of peach lingerie with her hair down in loose curls.

The LOVE Advent 2015 video starts with the 25-year-old posing with her back to the camera and then it focuses on her derriere as she sways her hips to “What Do You Mean.” As the song progresses, Deli starts to dance around in seductive moves. She lip syncs to the song as she sways her hips and runs her hands through her hair.

The former Victoria’s Secret model looks like she’s enjoying the Xenia Deli by Sam Faulkner video shoot for Love Magazine’s advent calendar. At one point in the video she’s seen laughing as she moves her head from side to side and lifts her arms up while dancing to Bieber’s music.

Deli’s video for the publication came after she was rumoured to have dated Bieber. The pair was reportedly spotted holding hands in August while out in Los Angeles. A video shared online showing the model hugging Bieber from behind while he plays “Let It Be” on the piano also further fuelled the dating speculations.

The dating rumours also started after the model appeared in Bieber’s music video for “What Do You Mean.” Deli played the Canadian singer’s love interest in the video, where they shared a few steamy scenes on the bed.

Deli revealed she received hate comments from Bieber’s fans following the release of the music video because of their kissing scenes. The model admitted she stopped reading the comments to avoid getting hurt by the criticisms.

As for Bieber, she only had good things to say about the 21-year-old hit maker. Talking about their kissing scenes, Deli described the “Sorry,” “Love Yourself” and “Purpose” singer as a “good kisser.” She also admired him for his sense of humour.

Watch the Day 28 - Xenia Deli by Sam Faulkner (LOVE Advent 2015) video below:

Source:YouTube/LOVE Magazine