Oscar Isaac
Cast member Oscar Isaac attends the world premiere of the film "A Most Violent Year" during AFI Fest 2014 in Los Angeles November 6, 2014. Reuters/Phil McCarten

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" actor Oscar Isaac seems to be looking forward to playing one of the darkest and influential Marvel villains in "X-Men: Apocalypse." In one of his recent interviews, the actor talked about his "X-Men" character En Sabah Nur/ Apocalypse and revealed how he'll provoke fear in the superheroes.

Oscar Isaac walked the red carpet at recently held National Board of Review Awards. During the event he spoke to MTV about playing movie's titular character. "I've seen a couple things," the actor told the abovementioned publication. ""Scary s-t. Scary s-t... I'm going to bring [the X-Men] down to their knees," the actor revealed about his character Apocalypse. "It's amazing, I'm so excited about everything that's going to happen," he added.

After frenzied speculations, the studio made the big announcement that Guatemalan-America actor Oscar Isaac will be playing the role of most powerful "X-Men" villain Apocalypse. Variety broke the news in November.

Considering the title, fans can expect some great battles to occur between the superheroes and supervillains. Meanwhile, speaking to Total Film magazine the director-writer Bryan Singer revealed that the film will feature "more of the mass destruction that 'X-Men' films, to date have not relies on."

For those unfamiliar, the film will be a sequel to 2014's "X-Men: Days of Future Past. The film being scripted by Simon Kinberg, Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty will be revolving around the storyline of the mutants fans met in 2011's "X-Men: First Class," including Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique, Michael Fassbender's Magneto and James McAvoy's Charles Xavier as revealed by Simon Kinberg in an interview with Yahoo. Furthermore, the plot of the movie will follow the events 20 years prior to the events of first "X-Men" movie. Thus fans can expect to see the younger avatars of Halle Berry's Storm, James Marsden's Cyclops and Famke Jannsen's Jean Grey.

The movie is currently in its pre-production phase and casting process. Latino Review claims that some young actors are testing for the roles of the younger versions of mutants. Taron Egerton, Jamie Blackley and Tye Sheridan are being eyed for the role of young Cyclops. As for young Jean Grey, actors Sophie Turner and Saoirse Ronan are being considered. And Alexandra Shipp and Zendaya Coleman are in line for the role of young Storm.

"X: Men: Apocalypse" will start filming in the beginning of April in Montreal, Canada. The movie is expected to hit the theatres on May 27, 2016.

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