4th Impact may have lost the chance to win this year’s “X Factor UK” after being voted off the competition during the fifth live decider show. Despite their departure, the four girl group’s career has begun to take off with the band set to make their first live performance post “X Factor UK.” Meanwhile, a petition launched by 4th Impact fans is asking Simon Cowell and Sony Music to offer the group a record deal.

Exciting things are happening to the “X Factor UK” ousted group 4th Impact. After receiving the lowest votes during the fifth live decider show held on Sunday, Nov. 29, the four sisters were sent packing from the reality singing competition. However, a few days after their “X Factor UK” departure, Unreality TV reported that 4th Impact will be performing in their first ever gig during Britain’s fashion festival, The Clothes Show. In a Twitter message, The Clothes Show announced on Tuesday, Dec. 1, that the four member band will be performing during their event.

The Clothes Show tweeted, “Breaking news! We've confirmed @4thimpactmusic for Monday 7 Dec at the #ClothesShow!! Who's got their tickets?”

The former “X Factor UK” group also took to Twitter to spread the news to their fans. 4th Impact wrote, “See you guys soon” and attached a link of The Clothes Show twitter message to their post.

4th Impact’s The Clothes Show performance will be held at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham.

Meanwhile, loyal fans were disappointed that their favourite four member group was voted off “X Factor UK.” This led a fan to raise an online petition asking Simon Cowell to sign 4th Impact to his label, Tellymix reports. The petition, which was raised by Kenneth Koshy on change.or, wrote that the “girl group needs recognition.” Koshy specifically mentioned “X Factor UK” showrunner Cowell on his petition, as well as Sony Music and One Direction band member Louis Tomlinson. He also mentioned “The Ellen Show,” with the hope that host Ellen Degeneres will feature 4th Impact on her show.

As of Dec. 4, the petition has reached 5,023 supporters. s

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