Opening of the WWE Survivor Series, a professional wrestling event at Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Reuters/Tami Chappell

Brock Lesnar is expected to make his first Universal title defense this July and his opponent will reportedly be Braun Strowman. Roman Reigns and Finn Balor are also being teased and such could happen depending on the WWE storylines in the coming months.

Lesnar has taken his usual break from WWE shows, part of his deal with the Vince McMahon-owned group. After winning the Universal title from Goldberg at Wrestlemania 33, he and manager Paul Heyman appeared to target Roman Reigns.

As most know, Reigns and Strowman are still going at it, a feud that has become brutal and physical. The "Monster Among Men" won over the “Big Dog” at WWE Payback but will be adding an injury (torn rotator cuff) moving forward.

As mentioned in a previous post, General Manager Kurt Angle made the announcement the night immediately following WWE Payback. Such was a result of the physical match between the two, although it would later on be revealed that the injury was not authentic.

With the seemingly lopsided nature between Reigns and Strowman, the injury is seen to be an equalizer to shun the latter’s rampage. Critics believe that the WWE is trying to push Strowman to stardom, and a possible encounter with Lesnar could cap all that.

If Lesnar and Strowman do end up feuding at the WWE Great Balls of Fire PPV, Wrestlezone suggests that it could carry on until WWE SummerSlam 2017. Strowman is an amazing wrestler with his physique, although the push could also depend on his star power.

To date, such needs plenty of work as the development of the Braun Strowman character continues. If the creative team sees no sense in the Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman push, plan B would bring in either Finn Balor or Roman Reigns.

A match with Balor would see an obvious mismatch, and a lot would depend on the health of the former Universal champion. He has been appearing regularly, but the word out is that he is not at 100-percent.

The case of Reigns is different, with the WWE universe still not ready to accept the “Big Dog” as the company’s next star. He continues to receive criticism but has managed to get through boos and jeers.

After WWE Payback, Raw could provide a better picture of what lies ahead for Strowman, Reigns and Balor. The Strowman and Reigns storyline will continue for now and may only end once the “Beast Incarnate” returns to active duty in the WWE ring.