Finn Balor and Bayley are two of the most promising superstars currently shredding sweat for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)’s developmental brand NXT. One of the major points of discussion within the company is the duo’s recent interviews regarding their happiness of staying in NXT.

According to a report by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE is having major discussion amongst its board regarding the viability of both the superstars when they get promoted to the main roster.

Balor is currently the main guy in NXT and considering more tours of this developmental brand by WWE in 2016, the wrestler will be exposed to more matches and more main events, and risk to injuries, which is a major concern for the company. Many believe that Balor’s healthy could be an issue before his probable move to the money making main roster.

The 34-year-old Balor has been wrestling for a long time. He has worked in Japan in the past and WWE is relying too heavily on him at the moment for great matches considering he is the main attraction of NXT.

As for Bayley, discussions within the company suggests that she might reach either of the popularity poles. She may become one of the biggest female superstars in WWE’s history or might struggle to survive on the main roster.

Bayley has been a revelation in NXT and some within WWE consider her as the “female John Cena”. Cena is famous for his charity work for the company and has been the face of WWE for over a decade. Bayley can be similar to Cena and has the potential to bring in younger population of the demographic to view the product.

WWE has never been popular among young girls barring a few moments in history where their popularity reached all demographics.

There are concerns that the use of the same concept of superfan Izzy on the main roster, which helped to popularize the character of Bayley in NXT, could lead to a backlash.

Bayley currently portrays a “big sister” type character that the young fans can idolise. However, waiting for too long to make it a reality on the main roster can undo all the good that Bayley has done to bring authenticity to the character.