The Wrong Girl
"The Wrong Girl" premieres on Channel Ten at 830pm on Sept. 28. Twitter/The Wrong Girl

Australian television is getting another romantic comedy series, thanks to Channel 10. The new series, called “The Wrong Girl,” is a television adaptation of Zoë Foster Blake’s bestselling romantic novel of the same title.

The series follows the life of Lily Woodward, portrayed by Jessica Marais, who is a producer on a morning television program. Pete Barnett, a long time friend and is portrayed by Ian Meadows, is a barista and struggling novelist. During a night of passion, the two sleep together and their friendship is made temporarily awkward by the events.

Lily turns to her mother, portrayed by Kerry Armstrong, who asks her what she wants. “I wanted him to want to be with me,” she says honestly.

Meanwhile, Lily’s office life is not doing so well either. A celebrity chef named Jack Winter, portrayed by Rob Collins, is hired on the show for a cooking segment. Lily is instantly attracted to him but spoils her chances anyway. In a drunken fit, she sends an office-wide email throwing the entire show under the bus and questioning why Jack was hired in the first place.

Knowing that her actions could cause her to lose her job, Lily tries to make nice with Jack and correspondingly win him over. The thing is that Jack is already caught up in someone else -- "The Wrong Girl."

Marais, Meadows, Armstrong and Collins are joined by a cast of amazing actors. Hayley Magnus plays Simone Bryant, who is Lily’s flat-mate, and Steve Visard portrays Lily’s father on the show. Meanwhile, Kevin Harrington plays Pete’s father, and Craig McLaughlan plays a host on the morning show.

Hamish Blake is also part of the cast and portrays the weatherman. Hamish is the husband of Zoë Foster, who wrote the original novel that the television series is based on. The original story has been stretched to fit into the timeline of a television series.

“The Wrong Girl” premieres Wednesday on Ten at 8:30 p.m.