Would Elizabeth Taylor’s gay manager, Jason Winters inherit her millions?

Who is Jason Winters?
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Now that the legendary actress has been laid to rest in a peaceful private funeral ceremony at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California, speculations as to who will inherit Elizabeth Taylor’s millions has reverberated even among the members of the icon’s family and friends.

Alison Boshoff of the MailOnline.com. has claimed in her report that the actress’s gay manager, Jason Winters is likely to be named as the ‘heir to her fortune’ now estimated at £360 million.

The website also said that even the Taylor’s four children - - Michael and Christopher Wilding, Lisa Todd and Maria Burton – strongly feel that Winters will cash in from her fortune when the will is read and everyone is expecting to read his name on it.

Elizabeth Taylor’s will is scheduled to be read next week, added MailOnline.com and everyone is set his eyes on Winters.

Winters said MailOnline.com had been with the movie icon during her final years. And Winters said MailOnline.com was the man behind repeated speculation that there would be an ‘eighth Mr. Elizabeth Taylor’ for her ninth wedding.

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Winters explained MailOnline.com has made Taylor laugh when would belie the rumors about her and Winters, attesting that her manager was gay and with a partner named, Erik Sterling. Even Winters’ associates would testify that Taylor’s main man is ‘100 percent gay’.

Winters was a huge influence to the legendary actress, MailOnline.com. She began dying her white hair black again following his advice.

She had grown dependent on Winters in many ways said MailOnline.com. With Winters, she was able to avoid phone calls made by her construction worker of a husband, Larry Fortensky.

It was also Winters said MailOnline.com who had helped her out and was by her side during the steady decline of her marriage with Fortensky.

With winters, the actress said MailOnline.com was able to start a ‘social revival’ of sorts that have brought her to life again.

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