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"World of Warcraft: Legion" ("WoW") has released the latest hotfixes update for the new Patch 7.2. These contain information such as the Tank Artifact Challenge adjustment and the fixing of a bug that affects Rethu’s Incessant Courage. There’s also an update about Broken Shore / Algen Point and Hafr Fjall's flight path fix. Read on for the latest "World of Warcraft: Legion" news.

'World Of Warcraft' 7.2 Patch Hotfixes Update

The official "WoW" website reports that the hotfixes for the "World of Warcraft" 7.2 Patch were released Wednesday. These include updates on the Hunter and the health adjustment of some non-player characters (NPC) from the game. Check out the details below.

1. World hotfix

The flight path between Hafr Fjall (Stormheim) and Algen Point (Broken Shore) has been fixed. This allows players of the game to travel the area using a much-improved route.

2. Classes

A bug that kept Gon from occasionally spawning as expected has already been adjusted. Keep in mind that this only affects the Hunter class.

3. Items

Rethu’s Incessant Courage counts some hostile creatures as valid targets. However, there used to be a bug that prevented that from happening. Thankfully, the bug has already been fixed.

4. Tank Artifact Challenge

The Tank Artifact Challenge's degree of difficulty at the Mage Tower has been adjusted. It affects the health of certain "World of Warcraft" characters such as Highlord Kruul, Kor’vas Bloodthorn, Inquisitor Variss, Nether Horror and Tormenting Eye.

Inquisitor Variss and Highlord Kruul’s health have both been reduced by 10 percent. Meanwhile, Tormenting Eye and Nether Horror's health have been reduced by 20 percent. Only Kor’vas Bloodthorn’s health was increased to a whopping 100 percent. As for Smoldering Infernals, they are also now summoned less frequently because of the hotfix for the Artifact Challenge.

5. Broken Shore hotfix

This particular hotfix affected a lot of the game's details including the Portal-Stones and the Warden Initiate. From now on, the chance to loot Portal-Stones has been doubled. This also allows players to call down powerful Lieutenants in "World of Warcraft." On the other hand, the Warden Initiate can now fly alongside players due to the additional training she has received. Plus, she also figured out how to use her abilities in a smaller area of effect more frequently.

Aside from these "World of Warcraft" Legion changes, players can also vendor excess Sentinax beacons that they don't want to keep anymore. It's also interesting to note that Ashtongue Felsmith can no longer be found standing in his forge at Deliverance Point. Also, when players first activate any type of portal with a beacon, it will now last 10 seconds longer.

These "WoW" Legion hotfixes may take effect as soon as its implementation. However, some of the adjustments may require scheduled realm restarts for it to take effect in the game. Some of the issues may also need a client-side patch update.

Watch the "World of Warcraft: Legion" Trailer below:

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Source: World of Warcraft/YouTube


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