World of Warcraft
One of the characters in the "World of Warcraft." Facebook/World of Warcraft

Upcoming “World of Warcraft” update 7.2 is expected to go live this coming Thursday. Once the update will be uploaded, players will get to experience a lot of new playable content for them to enjoy.

To start off the good news, the release of "World of Warcraft" update 7.2 which is titled “The Tomb of Sargeras” will include several new story contents to play with. Furthermore, the update will include upgrades that will be added to Battlegrounds. Also, a number of the game’s PVP content will feature changes to some of the battlegrounds that players have grown to be familiar with.

The update 7.2 will be bringing a new Brawl mode. The availability of this mode will be based on a two-week rotation. The purpose of this rotation is for players to have a chance to participate in the new take on a familiar experience. This method will allow a completely new “player versus player” (PvP) type of fun.

In addition, these new player versus player Brawls will have assorted modes which will jive with changes in specific rules and scenery. Players can opt to look for these brawls in the Group Finder tool through the Player vs. Player tab in order to join. Similar to the Random Battlegrounds, players will get to receive rewards if they win a battle.

The update will also include several improvements and upgrades to old battlegrounds in the previous updates of the game. Some of the battlegrounds that have been chosen to have a reboot in the upcoming update which includes the Eye Of The Storm battleground. This time around, the battleground has been transformed into an aerial resource race.

During the game, each player will bet tossed high into the air and then would slowly glide back down. The new battleground will now be an aerial bout, where players try to collect as much resources as they can in order to take the win home for their team.

Another battleground that has been included in the list of the latest updates is the bout between the towns of Tarren Mill and Southshore. The rivalry was originally introduced during the "World of Warcraft" 10th year anniversary event. To claim victory, players need to work as a team to be able to deplete the enemy's resources and claim victory over their enemies.

Finally, the latest "World of Warcraft " update 7.2 has also brought changes to Warsong Gulch. In this battleground, players will still get the chance to battle out with other teams in the traditional game of Capture the Flag. Now, in the latest patch update, players can still manage to grab the enemy flag even if their own flag is missing. Furthermore, the battleground from now on will also have various power-ups scattered across the battlefield. All of these new advancements and updates can be found in the game's official website.