The Witcher 3
"The Witcher 3" Blood and Wine expansion is coming on May 31. CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt Red has finally announced some new details for the anticipated “The Witcher 3” Blood and Wine expansion. The year-long production comes to a close as the final expansion will introduce 20 hours of new adventures in Toussaint.

Speaking to PlayStation Blog, Environment Artist Kacper Niepokólczycki revealed that the explorable area will be familiar to fans who know the books that they are based on. The developer has embarked on a fairly new journey in terms of creation, as the land of Touissant takes on a different spin from what has been known in “The Witcher 3.”

“Building something completely new gave us a lot of room for creativity, but at the same time it was challenging. The Slavic mythos lands we were all so accustomed to had to make room for something new—the mood and tone of southern Italy and France,’ said Niepokólczycki to PlayStation Blog.

While the entire world of Touissant has something insightful to offer the main focus of Blood and Wine is Beauclair, the capital where the palace of the local duchess is. The change that CD Projket Red is bringing to “The Witcher 3” Blood and Wine is introducing more vertical movement, thanks to the different levels and districts in Beauclair.

Content-wise, “The Witcher 3” Blood and Wine appears to be teeming with it. From different areas to explore in and around the city to the different locations that have been enhanced with encounters and dangers, the developer has ensured that players will be engaged when they go about exploring.

This exploration was already sampled by Kotaku, and from the looks of it, the finale to Geralt’s adventure is every bit worth the wait. According to the source, the main objective of the expansion is to investigate murders and find who the culprit is.

What seems to be a breath of fresh air in terms of going back to its roots is the return of comedy with the expansion. This is more due to the setting that Blood and Wine is in, given that everyone seems to be living in a fairy tale. This is mixed in well with the serious tone, colouring grim scenes with murders and blood. It’s not titled “Blood and Wine” for nothing, if the recently leaked teaser photo is anything to go by.

The good thing is that players only need to wait some three weeks to get their hands on the game. “The Witcher 3” Blood and Wine expansion will come later this month on May 31.

"The Witcher 3" Blood and Wine teaser trailer (Credit: YouTube/The Witcher)