GTA Online
New updates in the future will bring more stunts to "GTA Online." Rockstar Games

The recent updates to “GTA Online” appears to be but a taste of what’s to come for the game. “GTA Online” may remain on everyone’s radar for the entire year, given how developer Rockstar Games has teased a lot more content coming.

“Get ready for a lot more to come in 2016, including some massive, feature-rich updates to ‘GTA Online’ in the weeks and months ahead,” said Rockstar Games via the Rockstar Newswire.

Rockstar seems to be readying a part two of sorts for Executives and Other Criminals, with more adventures geared towards finance and felony or Organisations. The focus will be on contraband trafficking and teamwork with more properties from HQ and warehouses for merchandise to operate.

New features like managing inventory from HQ, buying and selling back market items to different suppliers and more unexpected encounters and raids during each underground adventure. Car lovers will not be left behind, since there are also some modes involving vehicles, races and stunts.

This also means new stunt-ready vehicles and gear, new props for the Creator scene, specifically for stunts and trials-style creations and also more gameplay opportunities.

Rockstar has also teased new Adversary Modes, new locations in In and Out and other team-based competitive modes. All of these are expected to be added via additional updates.

The developer has also confirmed that the week-long in-game specials and bonuses will continue on. So those who enjoyed Versus Missions Week and Contact Missions Week can expect the same, with more opportunities involving discounts on vehicles, weapons and items. Opportunities for throwback gameplays for classic content is also in the works.

In the meantime, the Time Trials Week is almost done. There are still two days left to maximise until the last day on May 12. This is also the last chance for players to get their hands on the discounts for vehicles like the Hakuchou and Akuma bikes, or the Osiris, Zentorno and T20 rides.

For those who are going through the last hurdle, one fan has assured that a daily time trial will reward $100,000, iDigital Times reported. Since there is only one daily time trial per day, it’s still possible to grind out two days’ worth before the time expires. The video below gives a few details of this computation.

"GTA Online" Time Trials week (Credit: YouTube/MrBossFTW)