Pokemon Sun and Moon
Popplio is a water starter for "Pokemon Sun and Moon." Pokemon

Three new starters have been revealed for “Pokemon Sun and Moon”—and this is just the tip of the iceberg of details released for the game.

The official website of “Pokemon Sun and Moon” has been update with details of the starter Pokemon, which are Lillet, Popplio and Rowlet. The first one is Litten, a fire cat Pokemon with the Blaze ability. He lets out flaming hairball attacks, which are fuelled by the oil in his fur. His Ember move will attack an opponent by firing a flame.

Rowlet is a Grass Quill Pokemon who looks like a pink owl in an adorable bowtie. But that gentlemanly appearance masks a silent attacker, as it flies towards its opponent all stealth-like before delivering powerful kicks. It is also good for long-rage combat with razor-sharp leaves from is feathers. Taking cue from the owl, the Rowlet makes use of its visual abilities, which is two-fold. It does not have any trouble going through darkness plus it can twist its neck almost 180 degrees to widen its field of view. It has the move Leafage that attacks its opponent by striking it with leaves.

Finally there’s the Sea Lion Popplio, a water Pokemon, which has a record swimming speed. As a Water Pokemon, it has better mobility in the water, but it can make use of the elasticity of its balloons to go about acrobatic stunts and jumps when on land. Popplio makes these water balloons, which can be cleverly used in battle, as seen in the image above. It has the Water Gun move that attacks an opponent by firing a jet of water.

All three Pokemon already know their respective moves from the moment that they partner up with their Pokemon masters. Players can check out the three starter Pokemon and how they look in=game. Some of their attacks are also demonstrated in the trailer, seen below.

The “Pokemon Sun and Moon” dev still has to reveal the two cover Pokemon for the game. As seen in the promotional images, the “Pokemon Sun” will feature what appears to be a sun lion, while the “Pokemon Moon” features a bat.

There are only sparse details about the game’s technical mechanics as of now. While The Pokemon Company is expected to release more details, fans would be happy to know that the Pokemon Bank app can be used to transfer some of the Pokemon from past titles like “Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire,” “Pokemon X and Y” and the 3DS version of “Pokemon Bue, Red and Yellow,” Ars Technica reported.

Already, fans are raving about the new starter Pokemon. Over at the official Pokemon Twitter, some fans have started to choose their sides and starters. “Pokemon Sun and Moon” is expected to debut on Nov.18.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" starters revealed (Credit: YouTube/Pokemon)