Battlefield 1
"Battlefield 1" will come to the PS4, Xbox One and PC on Oct. 21. DICE

DICE appears to have learned a lot of lessons from “Battlefield 4.” Among the priorities of the developer include ensuring that the launch of the game is far from a repeat of the 2013 fiasco.

This is just one of the few things that the developer touched on in Venture Beat’s interview with EA DICE’s Lead Game Designer Daniel Berlin. The first thing that may be in the minds of fans would be a repeat of the rocky start experienced during the launch of “Battlefield 4.”

Without going into details of what is being done, DICE hinted that this was one of the main focus of the team. Apart from taking some notes from the relatively good release of “Star Wars Battlefront,” the team is even planning to push the open beta for stability.

DICE also shared how the developer went to work on the new “Battlefield 1” title. The first step in the process is the overall feel of the gameplay.

“We need to support the main Battlefield pillars in terms of gameplay. There were a lot of people at DICE who’d wanted to go to this era for a long time,” said Berlin to Venture Beat.

Apart from the team’s passion, it also paid that the era of World War I had a lot of story to tell and gameplay opportunities to explore. The team had ensure that it goes beyond the common assumptions of simplistic weapons, generalised locations and even the armies that are involved in the battles.

The cover photo alone showed the kind of variety that “Battlefield 1” aims to get into. Without going into a lot of details, Berlin hinted that they are exploring the different unknowns related to World War I. And that means getting into the many stories, tribes, armies and people involved.

DICE is expected to reveal more aspects of the game leading towards its Oct. 21 launch. What is known is that the first DLC may be coming for free for everyone, VG 247 reported. This is taken from the preorder page for Origin, which has hinted that preorders can have seven days of early access to the free map drop.

From the trailer alone, it appears that DICE already has a lot of fans’ attention. DualShockers reported that the official reveal trailer, which has only been out for four days, has already received outstanding views. As of writing, it has already exceeded 22 million views.

Given the surrounding controversy with close rival “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare,” it seems that fans are happier with what they saw with “Battlefield 1.” Compared to the 1.46 million dislikes and only 284,180 likes of the 15.6 million views, “Battlefield 1” has only received 20,884 dislikes, which is only a fraction of its 1.15 million likes so far.

"Battlefield 1" official trailer (Credit: YouTube/Battlefield)