A sign marks the Microsoft office in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S. January 25, 2017. Reuters/Brian Snyder

Windows 10 Redstone 2, also known as the Creators Update, is said to arrive sometime in spring 2017, which is soon. According to reports, there are a few more weeks of waiting for Windows 10 users before the release of the Creators Update. Apparently, there are so many changes, including security and new native supports, that it has taken a while to fix the bugs. Furthermore, there will be a few more tweaks that need ironing out before release.

In the latest preview of the build, with build number 15046, the main feature was the 360-degree videos that can be accessed through the Films and TV app. Furthermore, a new security setting has also been added that can prevent a user from installing Windows apps that aren’t from the Windows Store. This feature is similar to the Mac OS’s GateKeeper feature. It helps to prevent malicious apps and programs from being downloaded and installed. However, this feature can also be disabled.

New features with the update

There are multiple things that were featured in the update. According to PC Advisor, Microsoft Edge, 3D content, holographic interface, blue light reduction, built-in broadcasting, ebooks, app throttling etc. will be included with the update. The Microsoft Edge will be a new and improved browser for Windows 10 users. It will be able to view mixed reality videos as well as WebVR. On top of this, 3D content can be created through Paint and can be printed straight to a 3D printer.

With the holographic interface, Windows is adding a Windows Holographic interface to support VR games or experience. Microsoft said that Windows partners such as Dell, Lenovo, HP, Asus and Acer will be making VR headsets that support Windows 10 in the near future. Furthermore, these VR headsets will be made affordable. Microsoft is also said to add a blue light reduction feature that reduces the amount if a blue light in the screen at night. This feature has been making its rounds in other operating systems like Android, iOS and Amazon.

How to download the upcoming update

Personal computers (PCs) that already running Windows 10 will receive the Creators Update automatically. The can be checked manually by going to Start > Settings > Update and Security > Check for Updates. It is unknown whether the new update will be similar to the previous updates. However, users should be able to download and install it manually through this process.