The Apple logo is seen on the facade of the new Apple Store in Paris, France, January 5, 2017. Reuters/Charles Platiau

Microsoft Surface Phone is a highly-anticipated device, not as another power-packed smartphone, but a device that can change the very concept of smartphones. At least that’s what Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella would like fans and tech enthusiasts to believe. If this turns out to be true, someone in the block may feel a tinge of apprehension. That’s none other but Apple. The Cupertino tech giant knows that Samsung will take time to gain back market confidence after the Galaxy Note 7 disaster.

Moreover, Apple has a big release coming up in the form of iPhone 8/iPhone X, whatever it might be called. As no one knows what features Microsoft Surface Phone will come up with, Apple must be taking this device very seriously. Apple iPhone 8 is expected to be a tech marvel and the company would want all attention on its device. If Microsoft is looking to release its handset at the same time as iPhone 8, the competition can get ugly. iPhone sales are on a decline and a lot depends on iPhone 8 now.

According to LearnBonds, Apple is already facing stiff competition from Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi and other such players. Chinese smartphone makers are producing devices with top-quality specs at much reduced prices. Microsoft has already created a fan-following with its Surface Studio, Surface Pro devices as well as Surface Book. Hence, fans are eagerly waiting for the Surface Phone. A smartphone is the only thing missing from their roster. Nadella described the upcoming Surface Phone as the “ultimate mobile device.”

The Apple iPhone 8 could hit the market in September and it is believed to be undergoing a massive design change. It could also feature wireless charging technology, edge-to-edge OLED Display and cutting-edge camera tech. Rumours have also suggested a foldable iPhone and multiple variants plus a 3D camera, which will be manufactured by LG. On the other hand, things are looking a bit bleak for the Microsoft Surface Phone. A report by Gartner has revealed that sales of Windows devices have been almost non-existent in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Windows mobile OS accounted for only 0.3 percent share of the total smartphone sales during the fourth quarter. This is a clear sign of the death of Windows mobile operating system. This seriously puts the Microsoft Surface Phone at risk. This, in turn, means smiles for Apple. Still, it will have to cope up with the competition from Samsung and Google. Stay tuned on IBT AU for more updates on Apple iPhone 8 and Microsoft Surface Phone.