Destiny, Rise Of Iron
"Rise Of Iron" is the fourth major expansion of "Destiny" Facebook/Destiny

“Destiny,” which is arguably one of Bungie’s most recognisable games, is an online-only first person shooter game that is compatible with PlayStation 3, PlayStation, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. On Tuesday, another expansion was added to the title, called “Rise Of Iron.”

As the fourth major expansion to “Destiny,” “Rise Of Iron” includes new weapons, armour, missions and multiplayer modes to the game. All in all, the addition allows players to explore a variety of different activities, which they can correspondingly take advantage of in order to upgrade their characters.

The very first mission of “Rise Of Iron” is relatively easy and ends with a typical boss fight. Like usual, the goal is basically to stay alive while defeating smaller and less dangerous enemies. What does make it unique, however, is the presence of SIVA, a virus-like nanotechnology which increases the power of the Fallen, thus making them more difficult to kill.

The expansion is a vast one, and the story it unfolds is quite long. Players eventually figure out what happened to the Iron Lords and how the Fallen first got their hands on SIVA. The trouble is that “Rise Of Iron” barely brings anything else to the table in terms of gameplay.

As The Verge notes, however, there is one particular mission that makes the DLC worth it -- “We Found A Rifle.” When finished, players will be rewarded with a rare Khvostov 7G-0X, which is a fancified edition of the very first gun that players use in “Destiny.” The gameplay of the mission is relatively simple: Players use a gun to defeat enemies, which upgrades after each round.

The requirements are simple, but this mission on “Rise Of Iron” perfectly captures “Destiny” as a whole. Furthermore, Khvostov has one final request, which is to simply enjoy the view (or the game’s graphics), thereby requiring players to take a hard look at the game and the last two years.

The “Rise Of Iron” DLC is priced at US$30 (AU$40).