Chroma Squad
"Chroma Squad" to arrive on various gaming consoles by 2017 Facebook/Chroma Squad

Bandai Namco Entertainment is bringing the 2015 game “Chroma Squad” to the PlayStation 4, Playstation Vita and the Xbox One. The game, with its interesting plot and pixel-art visuals, is both endearing and slightly addictive.

As Polygon points out, the console version of the game is very much like the original version, which was released for PCs and smartphones. It follows the story of five stuntmen who get tired of the boring plots that they are subjected into. Their frustration pushes them to put up their own television studio, which players must run and correspondingly star in.

“Chroma Squad” partners up “Simps” and “Power Rangers” -- the latter of which is an admitted inspiration. Players are given the responsibility of hiring their own actors, purchasing studio equipment and upgrades, as well as producing weapons and other props. In addition, players will get the opportunity to design their own studio, which must be kept running for the game to continue forward.

The game is fundamentally an RPG, with the cast and original stuntmen fighting off different enemies when the cameras start to roll. Though the battles in “Chroma Squad” themselves are not necessarily difficult, there are a number of twists that keep it interesting.

The group has a giant fighting robot at its disposal, which is also customisable. By using it, the fight transforms into a turn-based battle, where players must occasionally time their attacks to defend against the enemy.

Another aspect of “Chroma Squad” is that players have the opportunity to listen to an unseen director, who sometimes call out demands. These instructions are easy enough -- “Keep all heroes standing” or “Kill final boss with finishing move” -- but are varied enough to keep players on their toes. Furthermore, following the advice of the director garners more viewers for the show.

Namco has yet to announce the official release date of “Chroma Squad” but promises the game will be available in early 2017.

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