WHO Approves ShangRing, The New 'Minimum Bleeding' Circumcision Device

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IN PHOTO: A Bulgarian boy reacts as he receives local aesthesia before his circumcision in the village of Draginovo in the Rhodope mountains, southeast from Bulgarian capital Sofia, May 4, 2014. Some 100 Bulgarian Muslim boys and their relatives took part on Sunday in a mass circumcision ceremony. Bulgaria's Turkish minority Muslims currently make up 10 percent of Bulgaria's 7.4 million population. Reuters/Pierre Marsaut

The World Health Organization (WHO) has approved the use of a new male circumcision device, named 'ShangRing.' Reportedly, the disposable device eliminates the need for sutures and involves minimal bleeding.

The device consists of two plastic rings. The rings lock over the foreskin of the male reproductive organ, without requiring suturing. The device is the first of its own kind to be pre-qualified by WHO. Pre-qualification means that the product meets the international standards in terms of safety.

ShangRing can be used for circumcision of boys aged between 13 and 17 years, in addition to the adults. It is believed that the pre-qualification of the device by WHO will ensure its easy accessibility in the regions most affected by HIV, including sub-Saharan Africa. Clinical research data show that circumcision can reduce the occurrence of HIV contraction among men through vaginal intercourse by almost 60 percent.

The pre-qualification of the device was based on the positive results received during the testing of the device. ShangRing has already been tested on nearly 1,900 healthy adult males in Zambia, Uganda and Kenya. In addition, it has also been tested on 350 boys aged between 13 and 17.

"This is a major milestone toward improving access to voluntary medical male circumcision, which will help to prevent HIV acquisition in low-resource settings and contribute to the international efforts to achieve an AIDS-free generation," said ShangRing's inventor Shang Jianzhong in a statement.

WHO is trying to fulfil its target of cicumsicing a minimum of 20.8 million males by the year 2016. The organization is hopeful that with the use of ShangRing, it will be able to achieve its target.

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