Actor Matt Bomer poses with his Best Supporting Actor in a Movie or Mini-Series award for "The Normal Heart", at the 4th annual Critics' Choice Television Awards in Beverly Hills, California June 19, 2014. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok
Actor Matt Bomer poses with his Best Supporting Actor in a Movie or Mini-Series award for "The Normal Heart", at the 4th annual Critics' Choice Television Awards in Beverly Hills, California June 19, 2014. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok Reuters/Danny Moloshok

"White Collar" final episode, "Au Revoir," wrapped up with Neal Caffrey stealing his freedom. At the end, he remained a con-man and a great one who faked his death and escaped. It took almost a year and Neal's dropped hint, a bottle of wine, to make Peter discover that Neal is alive. Here is what happened in episode 6 of "White Collar" Season 6, "Au Revoir":

'White Collar' RECAP Final Episode, "Au Revoir":

Neal manages to convince Woodford that Peter can be trusted. The gang and their new partners in crime discuss the plan to carry out the heist -- stealing $500 billion from Federal Reserve funds. At Neal's apartment, Mozzie cannot fathom why Neal gave his spot to Peter. Soon, Keller arrives and the reason is revealed. Neal has a plan to steal $30 million from the Pink Panthers for themselves. As their outside man, Mozzie is given the important task of doing that. This is the reason why Neal did not introduce him as his accomplice to the notorious gang.

On the day of the heist, Neil dons a pilot's uniform and cons an air hostess to get access to the warehouse where the Federal Reserve fund is kept. He helps Peter and Keller get inside. Also, two of the Pink Panthers' men are present to carry out the heist at the warehouse. While they were heading to the location, together, Keller said to Peter that he has a Caffrey inside him. During the heist, Peter looks every bit the con-man. The trio successfully open the vault and then user jammers to send the money via the old, post-office tube to the Woodford and his members, who are standing on the other side. There is another person who has opened the same tube's mouth at another underground location. It is Mozzie. When he opens the tube at his end, the money pours on him. Woodford and his gang wonder what has gone wrong. Once the money is transferred, Peter alerts his FBI team and soon Woodford and his men are arrested. The FBI team pretends to arrest Peter, Neal and Keller, as well.

All the three are put in the same van. When Peter gets out of the van to take charge of the operation, Keller tells Neal that he is not going to get his freedom. He warns him that the Pink Panthers will come after him and also harm the people he cares about. Later, when Peter opens the van's door, he finds that Neal and Keller are gone. It does not take him long to tracks down their location.

Neal and Keller reach where Mozzie is waiting for them, with three bags containing $10 million each. Keller has no intention to divide the money and he pulls out his knife. Neal reveals that he had expected Keller to do something like that and he takes out a gun that he had hidden at the location. He points it at Keller and tells Mozzie to get out, with the money. Mozzie does as asked. Neal is unable to shoot. Keller sees an opening and he grabs the gun from Neal and shoots him. The suave con-man falls on the ground, with blood on his shirt.

Keller takes the his bag of money and gets out. However, the FBI team has reached the location. He tries to use a woman as his shield to stop Peter from shooting at him or arresting him. However, a bullet hits him on the forehead and he drops dead. Peter finds Neal in a bad condition. Neal says his goodbye.

At the hospital, Peter and Mozzie want to see Neal's body. Mozzie is unable to believe that Neal is dead and he feels that it is his con, the greatest con. Later, Peter receives the items found on Neal, including the tracking anklet and a key. Peter breaks down and cries.

One year later,

Peter refuses to join Agent Jones for a stake out. He, however, promises to bring coffee for him in the morning. It is revealed that Diana is moving to Washington DC. Also, it is revealed that the top bosses at DC want Peter there but he has turned down the offer. He still misses Neal. Peter keeps seeing him everywhere. Peter later visits Mozzie, who is back to the basics, his old street conning card game. He tells him to visit Liz.

Later, when Peter enters his house, Mozzie is there telling a story to his and Liz's son, Neal. When Peter mentions dinner, Mozzie excuses himself and leaves. Peter shows Liz a wine box. Someone had left it at their door. The two, later, pour the wine in their glasses and drink. When Peter smells the cork, he finds the smell familiar. He checks out a box and picks up the key that was given to him at the hospital. He remembers the location of the containers. In one of the previous episodes, Luc had caught Neal giving an envelope to a woman. Peter was unable to figure out what Neal was doing there.

Peter visits the location and opens the container 701, with the key. Inside the container, there is all the proof that is needed for Peter to figure out how Neal pulled out his greatest con and escaped to Paris. Peter smiles. The last shot is of Neal in Paris. He wear his hat and walks towards an undisclosed location. The Eiffel Tower is visible.

White Collar Ends