What to Expect From CBD in 2020

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The last few years have been pretty exciting for the health and wellness industry, especially since hemp was legalized at the end of 2018. Since then, there has been an uptick in natural hemp-based products, especially those using CBD oil. While 2019 was a big year for CBD, it’s predicted that 2020 will be even bigger.

These days, CBD has become a staple ingredient in many products. It’s used in lotions for a calming effect, in gummies for faster recovery, and even ice cream for a delicious treat to help wind down at night. And these products just scratch the surface. You’ll also find CBD in toothpaste, shampoo, dog food, and the list goes on and on.

So what can you expect for CBD in 2020? Keep reading for our predictions.

Improved Standardization

As with most new products that hit the market, CBD products have experienced all sorts of quality and mislabeling issues. With so many companies looking to get their products on the market quickly, it’s not surprising that for many, quality control fell to the wayside.

Despite the fact that CBD has proven to be healthy and safe, there’s always the concern of whether a product is truly THC-free. CBD products tainted with THC can cause all sorts of unexpected side effects.

The good news is that there are a growing number of manufacturers, such as Penguin CBD, that have set out to create high-quality CBD products. Many companies are paying close attention to where hemp plants are grown as well as how the CBD is processed and extracted to ensure it contains no traces of THC.

By using some of today’s top technologies, retailers and consumers are able to trace hemp plants from farm to shelf.

Other Industries Creating CBD Based Products

While you may be stressing over finding the best CBD oil to purchase, tincture form products are so 2019! In 2020, we’re likely to see a variety of unexpected industries finding ways to introduce CBD into their products.

There are many companies that have started their own lines of CBD-infused products including Sephora, Edible Arrangements, and even Ben & Jerry’s! While CBD gummies are extremely common, businesses in the food and drink industry are finding new, exciting ways for consumers in consume CBD.

Some tasty options that you can expect in 2020 include CBD oil-infused coffee, beer, and even protein shakes. CBD-infused water may also become a real thing in the future.

CBD products for pets are also growing in popularity. On the shelves you’ll find products that can be used to treat:

  • Pain
  • Anxiety/separation anxiety
  • Reducing the intensity of seizures
  • Upset stomach
  • Arthritis

As more innovative products hit the markets for humans and our furry companions, more consumers will be willing to give CBD oil a try.

Continued High Growth Rates

CBD sales in 2019 were great, but this year, growth rates are expected to climb even higher. In 2019, it was projected that the retail sales of CBD in the U.S. alone would surpass $1 billion, which is a 133% increase over 2018 sales. By 2024, the industry is expected to eclipse $10 billion.

So why are CBD sales growing so fast and so much? There are many factors to consider. First, there’s been an increase in the number of markets that are legalizing and decriminalizing CBD oil for sale. This automatically increases the number of consumers who are interested in buying a CBD-based product.

Another factor that is driving CBD sales is that the health and wellness sector is growing. Today’s urban middle class is all about healthy foods and beverages. Because of the health benefits that have been touted the last few years, a growing number of consumers are using CBD products for better sleep, pain relief, anxiety relief, and other applications.

With the increase in demand, the price of CBD has drastically dropped. In 2014, the average price of one mg of CBD oil was $1.25. While this seems low, most specialists recommend doses of 50mg or more, which can get quite expensive. This means that more people can afford CBD-based products, which means more sales.

More Scientific Evidence of CBD Benefits

Up until now, there haven’t been too many in-depth studies that have researched the impacts of cannabinoid oil. Most that were conducted in the past were small sample studies. The few in-depth studies that were conducted were lab-based and were conducted on animals to determine the effects.

Because of the lack of scientific evidence, many consumers believed that CBD oil was yet another product that promised the world but actually did nothing.

The good news is that there is tons of research underway that will uncover the many benefits that CBD offers. In fact, there’s U.K. based study underway that’s being conducted on people over the age of 54 in order to determine if CBD oil can be used as an effective treatment to slow the progression of, and possibly even cure, Alzheimer’s.

In the U.S., CBD is being tested as a natural option for treating epilepsy and even for reducing pain and suffering for cancer patients, namely breast cancer, leukemia, and bowel cancer. Previous studies have shown that CBD oil is effective in treating seizures and pain.

The more studies that are conducted, the less likely people are to believe that CBD and its effects are just hearsay. These studies may also persuade more medical professionals to use CBD as a safe and effective treatment option. Because CBD has minimal side effects, patients may be interested in using it as an all-natural pain reliever or as a way to minimize the symptoms of anxiety.


2020 will be a big year for many industries, but the new decade is sure to be an exciting one for the hemp and CBD sectors. As more consumers find a CBD product that fits their needs or lifestyle, we can expect businesses from all industries to find ways to incorporate CBD into their own products.

Will this be the year you try CBD? Do you have any predictions for CBD-based products? Share your thoughts!