Bill Murray’s career is far from over. Murray, who was blown away by pop singer Miley Cyrus for her rendition of “Silent Night” in his Christmas special “A Very Murray Christmas,” has confirmed that he is in Wes Anderson’s next movie. Not much is known about the film except the fact that he will co-star with Anderson's other regular cast members like Jeff Goldblum, Bob Balaban and Edward Norton. Bryan Cranston is a new addition to the crew. The stop motion animated film will have Murray playing the role of an animated dog. The announcement has expectedly aroused excitement from Anderson-Murray fans.

Wes Anderson movies with longtime friend Murray are always a fan favourite. When the actor confirmed that he will be appearing in the movie, he seems like he is ready for some fun.

“I’m playing a dog ... it's a stop motion animated kind of comedy sort of like 'Fantastic Mr. Fox.' And it's a Japanese story and I'm playing a dog. I'm very excited,” Murray said, reports Independent.

Previously, Goldblum revealed that the film will have a strong Japanese influence, as reported by Indiewire. This is probably a reference to Yasujiro Ozu's influence on Anderson as confirmed also by Murray’s statement. There are no other details known for the film except for its cast.

The “Ghostbusters” actor has appeared in each and every film by the 46-year-old Anderson except “Bottle Rush.”

On Dec. 04, Murray’s “A Very Murray Christmas” released on Netflix and his next movie appearance will be as “Baloo” in the 2016 “The Jungle Book” adaptation.

According to Bustle, when it comes to dogs, Anderson’s movies do not have a good track record. They have been shot with arrows in “Moonrise Kingdom,” abandoned in “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” and in “The Royal Tenenbaums,” dogs were killed in car crashes. We have yet to see if this new film will redeem his treatment of canines in his work.

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