Rich Ceraulo
A picture of 'Shockwave Darkside' cast member Rich Ceraulo. Supplied

Rich Ceraulo plays the role of Agent Hartmann in the TV series “Supergirl” and Corporal Kim in the movie “Shockwave Darkside.” In an exclusive interview with International Business Times, Australia the actor spoke about the movie and about the recent surge in popularity in superhero movies and TV shows.

Directed by Jay Weisman, “Shockwave Darkside” is a Sci-fi, action movie. The plot of the movie revolves around five soldiers on the dark side of the moon, who are stranded behind enemy lines. The soldiers undertake a perilous journey back to their home territory in the movie.

“Corporal Kim is a former Buddhist monk who was excommunicated from the monkhood for questioning and then rebelling against his religion’s most rigid views,” Ceraulo said describing his character in the movie. Corporal Kim was excommunicated because he enjoys drinking, gambling and “spending time with morally questionable women.”

The movie was filmed in an industrial sandpit in Harwich, Massachusetts. “There were very few practical effects utilised during the shoot,” Ceraulo revealed. Most of the action scenes on the moon “involved brainstorming and imagination work, much like working on a green screen.”

“Thankfully, everyone involved, both cast and crew were up for the challenge, and that enthusiasm helped us make it through some of the more challenging parts of the shoot,” Ceraulo said.

Not everything went as planned for the cast and crew of “Shockwave Darkside” and the team had to face some challenges while filming. “We were on a really tight shooting schedule and got hit with a ton of rain towards the end of production, so much of what you see on the screen in the last act of the film had to be moved inside and shot close up,” Ceraulo said.

Ceraulo praised Jay and the producers for not giving up; by showing that it rains on the moon in the movie. The team managed to film the movie as they had originally intended, without the rain.

Talking about the recent popularity of Sci-fi and superhero movies, especially at the box office, Ceraulo said that we are “in a renaissance right now.” The actor pointed out that there is now more “dynamic and diverse content available than ever before.”

“To be part of two shows that are currently pushing the envelope in the size, scope, and diversity of the stories they are telling has been really exciting,” Ceraulo said.

In the future, Ceraulo wants to play characters “that challenge, entertain, and inspire people.” “I recently got to play a pretty bad ass villain on an upcoming show, which was really fun,” he said.