Just right after New Year's day, YouTuber Caedo Genesis published a fan-created "Fallout 3" music video entitled "Wazer Wifle!" created in collaboration with hip-hop group Open Minded, which had accumulated well over 60,000 views and counting.

It has been seven years since the release of "Fallout 3," a game published by software company Bethesda Softworks. Since then, there have been plenty of popular fan-created content on YouTube which had garnered the support of the series' following. In a follow-up video by Caedo, he tells the story of how the video project was put together:

"I found out about Open Minded--that's right, I said it right this time--through a Facebook group called ~Fallout Fanatics~. Well, Phat Boi Phresh of Open Minded happened to post their one and only tribute song to 'Fallout 3'," Caedo said. He then proceeded to contact Open Minded and offered to come up with a video to go along with the song. "And By January 2nd, 'Wazer Wifle!' was public."

MrMattyPlays, another YouTube channel dedicated to video games developed by Bethesda Game Studios, had given "Wazer Wifle!" a favourable mention and short review in one of their videos that has helped expose the song to more followers of the series. In an article by Nathan Grayson of Kotaku, Nathan described the song's chorus as "insidiously catchy," and remarked about how "Fallout" and rap music are a strange match--considering the series lore--but that somehow the whole video project worked out unexpectedly great. Bethesda Softworks mentioned in their Twitter blog: "The latest dance craze? The Wazer Wifle?" along with a link to the video.

The music video had earned a huge amount of viewers in just a short period and had left fans wanting more, as evident in the comments' section. In response, Open Minded promises more "Fallout 3" songs to come. "We want this to be fan-created and grow as musicians... and a 'culture', if you will," says member Phat Boi Phresh.

Watch Wazer Wifle! here:

Credit: YouTube/Caedo Genesis

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