Watch Dogs 2
Marcus Holloway will be the new hacker hero in "Watch Dogs 2." Ubisoft

Among the many new pre-E3 reveals, “Watch Dogs 2” takes another piece of the pie. Ubisoft has finally unveiled some crucial details, including the setting, new—albeit masked—face of the hacker and the missions.

“Watch Dogs 2” introduces Marcus Hollway, the new hacker hailing from Oakland. His hacking skills is boosted by a hacker collective DedSec, and it seems that this particular brand of hacker is much better than the previous one. Marcus can hack any nearby phone, vehicle or machinery.

His remote access for manipulation and hacking does gives the advantage of a more indirect confrontation with opponents. Interestingly, “Watch Dogs 2” will also make use of 3D printing, which will supposedly be Marcus’s way of crafting his own droes and weapons upgrade.

According to Ubisoft, it has also made driving an even better feature in “Watch Dogs 2,” with varied vehicles sure to offer a diverse driving experience.

More than facing against the big bad ctOS 2.0, Marcus’s role in “Watch Dogs 2” also makes full use of the DedSec group. Part of the experience is to expand the group’s reach to complete more missions.

“Success is based on completing missions in ‘Watch Dogs 2,’ but the mechanics of how Marcus and DedSec accomplish that is entirely up to you,” said Ubisoft in the latest blog. If the customised experience is not enough, fans can also experience a better open-world run with the new game.

“’Watch Dogs 2’ tears open sandbox narrative like never before: the world is littered with missions that you can do in any order, each with storylines attached. You can also ignore them in favour of side missions, or just explore the world on your own time. Whatever you do, it will contribute to your follower count and bring you closer to the game’s ending.”

“Watch Dogs 2” will launch on the PS4, Xbox One and PC on Nov. 15. A new trailer showing a preview of the game can be seen below.

Ubisoft has also announced the editions that players can get “Watch Dogs 2.” Preorders are already available for its Gold and Deluxe editions over at Amazon, DualShockers reported.

The Deluxe Edition will include two deluxe packs, customisation items for the character, weapons, vehicles and more extras. This will cost US$69.99 (AU$95). For the Gold Edition, priced at US$99.99 (AU$135), players can get the “Watch Dogs 2” Season Pass and the deluxe pack. Preordering any of the two editions will grant players the bonus mission Zodiac Killer.

"Watch Dogs 2" - new characters, new location, new hacks (Credit: YouTube/Ubisoft US)