GOG Summer Sale
GOG is holding a sale for two weeks, with PC titles marked up to 90 percent off. GOG

PC players will feel the summer heat as GOG announces its Summer Sale 2016. Up to 90 percent discount is offered, with chances for players to earn free games.

Over at the official GOG website, the company has confirmed that the Summer Sale 2016 will last for two weeks until June 22. Up to 1,000 deals will be offered, alongside the offer of free “System Shock 2” for the first 48 hours of the title.

“We’ll have more and more deals for you every 24 hours as the 2016 Summer Sale marches on---and the deals will stick around until the end,” said GOG at the official website.

It seems that this offered is geared towards improving the GOG Galaxy client with a stress test giveaway. Additionally, the GOG Summer Sale 2016 is also rather interactive. To inspire gamers to log in every day to check the new games, there are activities every day that allows players to collect badges and make purchases that will let them earn XP.

There are three games listed that can be unlocked for free. These are “Spelunky,” “Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers” 20th Anniversary Edition and “Dreamfall Chapters” season pass.

As of writing, some of the games on sale include “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,” “Battle Zone 98 Redux,” “Darkest Dungeon,” “Rebel Galaxy,” “Amnesia” and “Dying Light: The Following” Enhanced Edition. Some series are also on sale, such as “Blackguards” and the sequel and “Evoland.”

This is not the only sale that is ongoing. While not an official summer sale, the PlayStation Store is also offering discounts on some titles from Capcom

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, the Capcom publisher sale features a wide array of titles, including “Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition,” a couple of “Resident Evil” titles, including the original game, “Resident Evil 0,” “Resident Evil 6,” “Resident Evil Revelations 2” and “Resident Evil: Origins” and the “Mega Man” Legacy Collection. Finally, for those who have been waiting to snag “Street Fighter V,” can now do so at the discounted price of US$40 (approx. AU$53).

The PS4 Capcom sale has a longer list, as it includes other “Resident Evil” titles. Other titles offered include “Strider,” “Street Fighter x Tekken,” “Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix” and “Lost Planet 3.”

Apart from the Capcom Sale, there’s also a Champions Sale, featuring “FIFA,” “Pro Evoution Soccer” and “NBA 2K16” Virtual Currency, though this particular sale still needs to be updated with prices. Players should note that the sale is currently offered only for fans in North America.

Ongoing sales on the PS Store (Credit: YoutTube/PlayStation News Daily - MonkeyFlop)