Jeffrey Dean Morgan is slated to join “The Walking Dead” as the major villain, Negan. He is expected to appear toward the end of the sixth season.

Fans were outraged that AMC decided to stay hush about Glenn’s fate in the last episode because they remain confused over what truly happened to one of their favorite “The Walking Dead” characters. Now that it seems there are hopes of Glenn still being alive, since he has been spotted shooting, the show decided to introduce the villain who in the comic books, murdered Glenn.

Entertainment Weekly confirmed that Morgan would play comic-book villain Negan, entering the current season towards the end and probably becoming a series regular on the 7th season.

The actor is no stranger to the comic-book world. He once took on the role of the Comedian in the 2009 movie, “Watchmen.” Apart from this, included in his acting portfolio is a role on the 2010 comic-book adaptation of “The Losers.” Morgan is also set to be part of the movie “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” as Bruce Wayne’s father.

Currently, Morgan is busy with his role as the enigmatic investigator, Jason Crouse on “The Good Wife.” According to Entertainment Weekly, it is possible that the actor only had a one year contract with “The Good Wife,” so there would not be any conflict with him taking on a meaty role in “The Walking Dead.”

Meanwhile, The Wrap provided a list of Negan’s characteristics for TV fans unfamiliar with the comic-book character, and what putting him on the show would probably mean. According to The Wrap, Negan is the leader of the Saviors, a brutal group who claims they offer protection from walkers, but instead, engage in extortion for food and supplies. Prior to the apocalypse, Negan was also a used-car salesman, so he is skilled at manipulation and sales talk. Negan is also characterized as someone who loves to swear and use violence. Lastly, the Wrap detailed that Negan was the one who beats Glenn to death.

This could possibly mean Glenn actually survived falling off a dumpster into a horde of zombies. However, it could also mean he made it through this dire situation only to die in Negan’s hands later on.

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