‘The Walking Dead’ season 8 - Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)
Jeffrey Dean Morgan returns as Negan on ‘The Walking Dead’ season 8. AMC/The Walking Dead

There will be a flashback featuring Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) in “The Walking Dead” season 8 episode 14. Preview videos of the next episodes show the humiliating experience the character had to go through when the Saviors attacked.

Jadis has kidnapped Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). To give viewers some context for all the cruel things she may do to the villain, the next season will show a flashback of how Jadis survived when the Saviors attacked her people.

A preview of the next episode posted on YouTube shows Jadis playing dead, enduring humiliation at the hands of the Saviors. She later sheds her blood-soaked clothes and thinks about everything she lost because of Negan.

Another preview on YouTube shows Jadis taking Negan back to the junkyard. The villain may have to go through a great deal of torture to pay for what Simon (Steven Ogg) did.

While Negan has to face an unknown fate in the junkyard, the madness of war continues. Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his team will face a problem when it comes to ammunition, but they know the Saviors don’t have that problem because they have a bullet maker. Eugene (Josh McDermitt) will be busy making bullets, and the heroes will go see what he has been doing at the factory.

Meanwhile, Rick and Morgan (Lennie James) will go on a mission of their own. Fans of the franchise know that Morgan will soon join the spin-off series. Will this be the episode that will push him to leave?

A lot of concern in the past few episodes were about Henry (Macsen Lintz). The boy hasn’t been seen since the night of the zombie outbreak. Another trailer posted on YouTube shows Ezekiel (Khary Payton) asking Carol (Melissa McBride) to join him on his search for Henry.