'Fear the Walking Dead'
A still of AMC TV series "Fear the Walking Dead." Fear the Walking Dead/ Facebook

A four-minute trailer for “Fear the Walking Dead” season 4 has been released online. The video shows Morgan (Lennie James) having a chat with Madison (Kim Dickens) about what the future holds.

The new video begins with Morgan taking down a rival with his trademark staff. The Clark family has found a new place that is reasonably secure from the zombie threat; it is big enough to build a community inside, including a farming area for their own food.

It will take some building before they can safely call it home. Madison has found a band of people who are willing to follow her, but they have to do some scavenging to survive while their crops grow.

There will still be challenges, like Nick (Frank Dillane) getting stuck in the middle of the night, surrounded by zombies. The character, of course, is expected to get away and eventually meet Morgan.

Morgan, by this time, has been through a lot and will have some trust issues. He displaces his mindset when he attacks Nick in the trailer.

When Morgan meets with Madison he continues to be cynical about life. He has seen what is perhaps the worst war of people in the post-apocalyptic world, shaping his outlook on the future. Morgan tells Madison to leave while she can, as things may not turn out the way she plans. She, however, is a little more upbeat about what they can accomplish together.

There will also be important new characters joining the show this year. It will be interesting to see if these new characters will come into conflict with Madison and her people. How will Morgan fit into all of this?