Vin Diesel openly admits that he is still in the “ever continuing process of healing” and accepting the death of “Fast and Furious” co-actor and close friend, Paul Walker. However, he reveals that his current role in the movie “The Last Witch Hunter” helped him in dealing with his grief.

According to US Magazine, Diesel’s role as an immortal, who is hunting witches in the upcoming film. “The Last Witch Hunter,” helped the “Fast and Furious” actor deal with his grief over the sudden death of his close friend and co-actor, Paul Walker.

“Death was a huge theme last year,” Diesel said. “There was something therapeutic about playing this role after going through [Paul’s death].” The actor had a hard time coping over the death of Walker in a fiery car accident last November 2013.

In “The Last Witch Hunter” movie, Diesel plays the role of an immortal witch hunter, Kaulder, who was cursed by the Witch Queen to roam Earth forever, making him unable to reunite with his love in the afterlife, Entertainment Weekly reported. The actor explained that his movie role of being alone and immortal could be so lonely and sad.

“Playing a character that was masking his sorrow – his loss – was very appropriate for the time, because that’s what I was doing in real life with the post- Furious 7,” the actor explained.

Meanwhile, Diesel turned to Instagram to fire back against body-shamers and critics. An unflattering paparazzi picture of the actor went online last week and garnered a fair share of shaming for the “Furious 8” lead star’s “Dad-Bod,” Yahoo News reported. He wrote, “It is amazing the response from the journalists who I have been talking to for the last two days in New York. Today one wanted to see the dad bod. Haha.”

The actor even captioned a photo of himself that Saturday night after spending a day with the press for the movie “The Last Witch Hunter.” He stated, “Body shaming is always wrong! What do you think?” Diesel even shared the “Dad-Bod” photo again on Sunday.

“The Last Witch Hunter” is set for European cinemas this coming Oct. 19 and Oct. 29 in Australia.

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