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“Vikings” season 4 has a lot in store for its fans. It will be a game changer as it will show the evolution of Ivar who will become the greatest.

While in an interview with TVGuide, Alex Høgh Andersen (Ivar) spilled the beans on his character in series, specifically about his journey in season 4. He revealed as to how Ivar will become the greatest Viking ever, which also hints that the speculations of Ragnar’s death are somewhat true.

This is how Ivar will emerge as the greatest Viking

“Vikings” season 4 episode 13 already showed how Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and Ivar bond with each other and how Ragnar is strengthneing Ivar asking him to throw away his leg brace and saying that he is not normal and he will never be. “Once you realize that, that is when greatness will happen. Now crawl,” Ragnar tells Ivar in the episode.

Alex Høgh Andersen has now revealed that in “Vikings” season 4 Ivar will learn a lot of lessons from Ragnar on this journey in England and he will grow only stronger from now on.

“What I think his trip with Ragnar will do is give him some ambition and the ability to believe in himself and his strength. You will see that he will get a lot stronger and he will keep fighting his disease like he’s always done.”

“When he spends time with him in England, he sees straight away that there is a method to all his madness and all that he ever did. He understands why he became such a famous Viking, because he's so intelligent. And Ivar has a great learning experience. For Ivar to observe his father in action is such a learning experience.”

When asked as to what he will acquire from his father, Anderson refused to give out details but hinted that it would be “military strategy,” and “manipulating people” amongst other things. “He is very intelligent, so he picks it up very quick,” he added.

According to Andersen, Ivar is smarter than his brothers. “I think Ivar doesn't give a damn about that other stuff, that personal stuff. He sees the bigger picture and is smarter than his brother in that area.”

“Vikings” season 4 episode 14 will be aired on December 21 at 9PM ET. This season is scheduled to air in Australia on SBS One from January 11 at 8:30PM.