Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Josephine Skriver Talks About Being An IVF Kid With Gay Dad And Mom

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[8:04] Model Alessandra Ambrosio presents a creation at the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
IN PHOTO: Model Alessandra Ambrosio presents a creation at the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in London December 2, 2014. Reuters/Suzanne Plunkett

Victoria’s Secret supermodel Josephine Skriver had an unconventional childhood because of her unconventional parents. However, the model shared that her family made her the success that she is now.

Skriver, a 22-year old model who hailed from Denmark, is starting to make waves in the modelling and fashion industry. Her modelling portfolio is quite colourful since she already walked for several big fashion brands, such as Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, and Gucci. However, the more interesting tidbit about this model is that she was conceived via in-vitro fertilisation (IVF). To make matters more interesting, both of her parents are gay. This does not make her shy away from talking about her family though. If anything else, Skriver is quite proud of who she is and her non-traditional family. 

In an interview with i-D magazine, the model shared that her greatest desire is for people to stop looking at her strangely when they realised that she is an IVF kid. She said she is a human being just like anyone else and everyone should look and treat her that way. She said she had her fair share of rude commenters when they know how she was conceived and who her parents are. She said some people look down at her because “she’s not made the natural way.” Some people think she should not even exist. The model wants people to know that she is not a “scientific experiment” nor “synthetic.” She wants people to know she is as real as those born the traditional way or have traditional set of parents. 

The model relayed her parents never lied to her about being unconventional and she grew up not thinking they are different. She said she faced a lot of discrimination and negative judgement when she moved abroad to work as a model. Her family was labeled as “disgusting” and “gross,” and she said she could not understand why. 

She detailed how her parents met and had her. "I had a mom, who back in the day was gay," she said. "From the moment she was a kid, from the moment she knew about kids, she wanted to be a mom. So in Denmark, in '92, there was this newsletter for the whole LGBTQ community and my mom just put an ad in there and was like, 'I want to bring a kid into this world. Does anyone want to be part of that?' She got a few replies and the first one actually turned out to be my dad!” The interesting thing was that her dad is gay and was already set on marrying his now-husband. Apparently, the setup pushed through and Skriver is now a top-notch model. 

The model claimed that she does not want to call anyone stepmom or stepdad. Instead, she said she has a “bonus mom” and she feels blessed to have own dad and mom and then a “bonus set of parents.” She even has a younger brother named Oliver. The whole family is really close, often meeting up for big celebrations like birthdays and other holidays. 

One day, she hopes that the concept of family would change to accommodate non-traditional families like hers. For her, families are groups of people who love each other and bound by that love. 

In the meantime, Skriver is continuing to grace shoots and runways, making people more familiar with her. She can also be seen hanging out with fellow model Kendall Jenner.


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