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"The Vampire Diaries" Season 6 mid-season finale episode titled "Christmas Through Your Eyes" left a cliffhanger ending but executive producer Caroline Dries has some teases on what will happen next in the CW TV series. In January 2015, the TVD fans will welcome the storyline on Kai's (Chris Wood) witch powers, the "Delena" relationship and Caroline's (Candice Accola) struggle with the health condition of her mom, Sheriff Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre).

In an E!Online TV Scoop report, the TVD big boss teased that Kai currently appears powerful after sucking all of the magic from the Traveler's anti-magic boundary spell over Mystic Falls but it will not last that long. Executive producer Caroline Dries explained that Kai charges up his power like a battery.

However, there is a timer so Kai's magic will eventually run out like a "really cheap, junky battery." Caroline Dries added that Kai will start to feel the consequences of his magic-absorbing ability in "The Vampire Diaries" Season 6, episode 11 titled "Woke Up With a Monster."

When it comes to the "Delena" or Damon-Elena relationship, the executive producer wants the fans to have patience because trouble will still keep the pair apart. The ending scene of the mid-season finale episode showed Kai capturing Elena (Nina Dobrev) right in front of the Salvatore mansion after putting a cloaking spell on her.

The executive producer teased that Kai took Elena because he wants to seek revenge against Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and he needs her help as well. "He has a chip on his shoulder for Elena and Damon, but especially Damon having been stranded by him in the prison world," Dries shared.

Caroline Dries added that Kai feels getting at Damon by threatening Elena is the perfect revenge while getting what he needs from Damon's girl. "But having sucked up all that magic from Mystic Falls has repercussions even for him. He needs Elena's help with that," Dries further teased.

Even though Elena's memory of loving Damon is still gone, Caroline Dries teased that the fans will still continue to see the "Delena" relationship evolve because their separation will not last forever. When asked about Caroline's storyline in the second half of season 6, the executive producer revealed that the blonde vampire will be dealing with the heartbreaking news of her mom's illness.

Caroline Dries teased that Caroline Forbes will be facing the challenge by trying to fix and save her mom from dying. However, the TVD executive producer shared that things are not going to go great with Caroline's plan.

"The Vampire Diaries" Season 6 will return on Jan. 22, 2015 at 8 p.m. ET on the CW Network with the Paul-Wesley directed episode 11 titled "Woke Up With a Monster."

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