Kangaroos, including one carrying a joey in its pouch, stand by the side of a road on Mount Macedon, outside Melbourne, Australia, September 20, 2015. Reuters/Darrin Zammit Lupi

Even though the Australian Outback can be pretty lonely for some, a male kangaroo and a female pig seem to have found a solution to their loneliness by spicing up their sex lives. Sydney-based PhD student Ryan Frazer recently photographed the unusual pair in the act while passing by a paddock in Aileron, near Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. Frazer was there on a research trip.

He had no idea at all that such a coupling was even possible. He was incredibly amazed when the kangaroo started hugging the pig from behind. He worked himself up a bit and then straightaway went for the pleasure.

Photographs of the two, as revealed by Mail Online, show that the kangaroo and the pig are extremely intimate and have been in a weird relationship for a year or so. The two caught Frazer’s attention when the kangaroo started cuddling the female pig, known by the name Apples. He placed his paws on both sides of the pig while crouched in front of her.

It seemed as if the two were getting cosy and hugging like lovers. Also present in this extreme moment were two geese, one of whom closely watched the show. Right after, the unthinkable happened. The kangaroo stretched up a bit to take his position and got into the act. Frazer could hardly believe what he was witnessing.

“The animals saw us ... we met them at the fence and they just stood together in front of us. The kangaroo was ripped, a bit aggressive, huffing a bit. But the pig stayed with him, nuzzling under his arm, and the kangaroo was hugging the pig for a while,” Frazer said.

During the entire episode, the pig remained silent and nonchalant about the whole thing. It was hardly concerned. Frazer and his colleagues were bewildered by the two’s affection. They even nuzzled for a few minutes. Once the kangaroo was finished, then the pig tried to jump on his back and reciprocate.

That is when the students realised it was too much to handle. The entire episode lasted about 10 minutes or so. Frazer and his colleagues then headed to an art gallery where a local asked if they had met the strange couple. He said that the kangaroo has been way calmer since the pig arrived.

The pig’s owner, Greg Dick, said that he had tried to put an end to these encounters by taking his pig away. However, the moment he did that, the kangaroo nearly tore the fence apart. Dick introduced the pig a year ago and he believes it was love at first sight for the two, NT News reported.