Photo of "Uncharted 4's" new game mode.

“Uncharted 4” developer Naughty Dog recently released new content for the multiplayer mode of the game. On March 17, Naughty Dog sent out a DLC (downloadable content) update that includes a new mode, new weapons and vanity items and more.

New game mode

Naughty Dog recently introduced a new permanent game mode called King of the Hill. According to its press release, the new mode will require two teams to fight for control by gaining points through capturing a zone or an area with a glowing circle on the map. Once a team reaches the score limit, they will win. However, both teams will have to make another appearance at a stage called Victory Hill. This will provide the losing team a possibility at having a comeback. If the leading team loses at Victory Hill, the losing team will get a second chance at winning. However, when the leading team wins at Victory Hill, they win.

This mode is not new as beta versions of this mode were released along with the Survival mode before its official release. In King of the Hill, a team must capture zones represented by white glowing circles on the map. Once it turns green, it means it has been conquered by the team and that contributes to the score points needed as well as controlling the zone.

Compared to the earlier version of King of the Hill, teams must have control of the zone and respawning has also become restricted. In earlier versions, players can respawn once they have lost their health. However, in the recently released version, players can only respawn when the team loses a zone it has captured. Another addition to this game mode is the Victory Hill. Previous versions only had King of the Hill wherein if a team reaches the points needed, then it would win. However, with the addition of Victory Hill, teams would have to win two out three chances.

New weapons and vanity items

Beyond the new game mode released, there are also new weapons and vanity items available. The game will now include INSAS, Type-95 long guns and a scoped Krivok-XS pistol. Along with these weapons, players of “Uncharted 4” who are also fans of “The Last of Us” can also avail of the new Savage Starlight character skins. Players cannot use these Savage Starlight outfits when playing in multiplayer mode. All of these updates were released in patch 1.21 on March 17.